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Runaway Lucy[]

'Runaway Lucy.'

Eyes sealed shut, she placed her head upon the fluffed up pillow that she had turned, trying to get comfortable. Her body still surged with pure joy, she didn't want the day to end. Who doesn't enjoy their birthday? Endless gifts and exciting places, that's what made Lucy count down the days till her next birthday. But for now she knew that it was best to enjoy the wonders of being 14, still being a kid and always having the opportunity to climb trees and mess about, she turned to her side yet again, letting out a soft sigh. As her eyes began to feel heavy, naturally shutting every few seconds, she pulled the covers up to her shoulders and turned, letting the drowsiness overtake.

Her eyes shot open, was she hearing things? She swore she heard the sound of her mother let out a blood curdling scream, hoping it was just a nightmare, she paused, listening to the sounds around her. Nothing. Sighing, she leaned back on her bed, she was fine, everything was fine, but she suddenly stiffened, hearing a soft sobbing come from below, possibly coming from the kitchen, she listened harder. She could hear him. Her dad pleaded, and whimpered, but to who? She sat up, slowly as ever, creeping over towards the door, twisting the handle ever so gently and pressing it over. Placing her hands on the stairs railing, she peered down, hoping to get a glance at the kitchen, but nothing. Her panic surged, her heart thumping so loud she could feel it against her chest, though she listened harder, the sounds of whimpering were gone. She was sure she was going mad. Though it was dark, she tiptoed down the remaining stairs, hoping to make no noise. Her feet tapped on the wooden floor as she made her way over to the kitchen door that was slightly agape as she peered in, cursing out the fact it was so dark she couldn't see a thing. Yet nothing, she couldn't see, nor hear anything at all. She knew it, she was going mad. Turning away from the kitchen she took a step forward put felt a cold body bump into her, she jerked her body, turning around to be faced with the most horrific smile, he was truly disgusting. But that wasn't what she focused on, it was the bloody that covered his hoodie. She knew who's blood that was, she knew that her parents blood covered that man's blood soaked knife. Letting out a shriek she stepped back, put her foot slipped, her body hitting the cold wooden floor. She was face to face with her own reflection in a pool of blood. She closed her eyes and hissed as a sharp knife slashed and slit at her. She accepted it, she felt nothing at all. Peace took over her senses as she lost conscious, she knew she'd soon be with the ones she loved the most.

Her eyes quickly shut, her hands frantically covering her eyes as she shut them. 'Why is it so bright?!' she hissed as she adjusted to the white lights and slowly reopened her eyes. A hospital? Peering around, she couldn't see anywjere far, she was covered by curtains. Her eyes widened, she felt a gentle warmth trickle down her cheeks as she wiped the tears away, it dawned on her. She survived the serial killer himself; Jeff The Killer, but the only thing she could put her mind on was her parents, we're they alive, she let the hope surge through her, closing her eyes and picturing herself reuniting with her mom and dad, she was lucky enough to not see their bodies, and hoped that it was sign that they weren't killed and she was just the distraction of the killer. She paused, hearing the sounds of footsteps grow closer, hoping they'd walk by, she was horrified to hear the stop outside the curtain. A hand clenched it, slowly pulling it open, she was face to face with a nurse, eyes also as wide as hers, shocked to see her patient awake.

Her face. . . Her hands quickly covered her own face to block the view from the mirror that the nurse held up to her. She was scarred beyond repair:a slot smile that was stitched up and a burn scars littered her. He wrecked her when she had passed out. The tears swelled up in her eyes as she sobbed out loud. Everything hurt, her heart ached for her parents who both succumbed to their wounds. All this information was way to much, especially for someone her age. "What happens now?" Lucy asked, her voice breaking, so quiet that she was surprised the nurse heard her. "None of your relatives are able to look after you. You'll be taken to the nearest orphanage." the nurse stated, trying to keep this professional but her eyes watered slight and Lucy could see the empathy in her eyes, she understood.

Two women hovered tall beside her, their hands resting on her shoulders. They walked her through the orphanage, giving her a tour of the area and where she'd sleep. The following gaze of disgusted faces watched her closely. Girls her age and way younger gagged and hid from her scarred face. It made her feel so small.

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Runaway Lucy

Runaway Lucy