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Santa Claus Is Coming For You (draft)[]

My name was Wilfred Nick Blackwell. An average student in school with a loving family and no siblings. I was always an outcast of sorts among the other children that were my age. Life had never favored me yet somehow, I still lived very happily. Never once did I think anything bad of what my life used to be.

It was the night of December 24th… One to be jolly. I hadn’t asked for anything from Santa except for a friend. I never believed in Santa, but my parents had made me write a list… Perhaps so they had something to go off of during shopping. I was sitting in my bed unable to sleep. I wasn’t excited for tomorrow… Not for any good reason, I hate loud noises, and tomorrow was doomed to storm.

Well… At least I got what I wanted for Christmas. When I woke up on Christmas morning, I heard a voice in my head… I didn’t think much about it. I thought I was just hearing things. After a while, I heard it again, and again. All It would say is “Do you want to play?” I had no idea how I should respond, it’s just a voice yet it started feeling so much like a real person as the words repeated. I just said “yes” into the open air… My response came quicker than expected. “Go to the attic”

I didn’t know why the voice wanted me to go to the attic… there was nothing there except boxes, boxes of leftover junk… and broken Christmas decorations. I went up there anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s just a voice.

I was but a naive child… nothing bad could happen to me, right? I walked up the stairs softly, my footsteps could barely be heard.  After a short while, I was there. I went over to the Christmas decorations… “Grab everything you can,” The voice told me. So, I did, I grabbed everything from the boxes that I could’ve carried. I ran off to my room after doing so. “Get the candy cane...” The voice told me. I didn’t know what I would do with a light-up candy cane… The type that you would stick into your lawn.

The bottom of it wasn’t even that sharp… no practical use even if just for self-defense. “Sharpen it” but how? There is nothing to use as a sharpener. A squirrel trotted by my window seal. “Kill it” I had always wondered what it had felt like to kill someone or something. On the news, I had heard stories about killers around the world… Toby Rogers, Eyeless Jack, X-virus, just to name a few.

I picked up a pair of scissors from my dresser, as well as a rope of sorts of shattered Christmas lights. Opened my window, cut the screening, and jumped down, it wasn’t very much of a fall. My room was on the bottom floor after all. Then I looked for the squirrel, it just stared at me and didn't even run. Foolish thing… I approached it slowly, and then I killed it. I Strangled the foolish thing with the row of lights. Upon closer inspection the squirrel was injured, perhaps that was why it didn’t run. But I would never know. However strangely, I enjoyed killing the squirrel. It was some sort of sick pleasure to me. Maybe I was insane from the beginning.

A couple of weeks passed by, I continued to kill small critters around my area, I had grown quite good at chasing down animals around my house without being caught. Eventually, I started thinking of the voice like my best friend, they guided me through many things that I needed help with, everything except school that is. I don’t blame the voice though, how would they know what I was learning or how to solve equations. Word got out about what I have been doing. Some girls saw me kill a rabbit I saw… Everyone in school called me names like “monster” or “demon”.

I decided to take matters into my own hands.

When I got home from school, I started to prepare for the wondrous day that awaited me tomorrow. In my backpack, I packed the gear that I had normally used on animals, A Baseball bat, of which I painted some nails to look like candy canes, and nailed them in. I also painted the handle of the bat to stay on brand. Some shattered lines of Christmas lights, and some ornaments that I had been using as projectiles… I asked my father to walk to school today, he agreed.

I made sure to grab a couple more useful items, an old mask I had for a play at my school, months and months ago. It had cracked heavily but that was ok, I thought I would only use it for one day, oh boy was I wrong~ I also grabbed an old Santa hat my mother gave me, she said it didn’t fit her anymore. As I walked out, I grabbed some matches and a tank of gasoline that my mom used for her car. I had everything I needed.

When I was at the school, I started to pour gasoline around the perimeter. Trying to set the fire as Toby Rogers did, for it was the best way to kill those within the perimeter that I could’ve thought of… I was still young when I did all of this, not old enough to really “think outside the box”. I barely had enough to cover perimeter, for once I was glad it was a small school. I lit a match… after a couple of attempts, I couldn't get a fire till the third match the others breaking as I flicked much too aggressively.

The fire grew quicker than I had ever expected… I tried to have it block the doors as it trickled inside, it worked wonderfully. After I watched for a while, I heard sirens and decided it was a good time to run away. Good call. I picked up my supplies and ran to the forest, wishing to bury the items so they aren't found. The voice in my head seemed very pleased with me, that’s really what mattered to me. The voice started to mean everything, if I were to displease it, I would be as disappointed as they were.

Eventually, I started seeing things around me while I walked, further, and further inside the forest. The time was near midnight as I hid for most of the day after burying the items. It appeared to be a tall man with a suit and a slender body the words “You have done well” echoed every time it appeared. Was this the voice? Was this my friend? I started running towards the shape, excited. I caught up and hugged the man… It held my shoulder, then I felt a splitting pain in my back… I passed out soon after. Back in my room like nothing happened yet I would still remember everything. My Mom sat by my bed; she was glad I was safe. She never bothered to care about anything else after the fire.

The night of that day, I ran back into the forest. This time I brought all the essentials, my gear, my mask and hat, and finally some board games. Maybe me and the voice… well voice is no longer a good name for them. Could play games together! I was again very excited as I walked through the forest, the same path I took last time. I found them again and they lead me to their mansion…

My name is Santa Claus. An average yet cheerful Proxy of the Slenderman. I am fourteen now, it has been six years since I met the Slenderman. I never got to play the board games I brought, I was always surprisingly busy, especially during Christmas. Oh? Wilfred? He’s dead, but I am not.

(Quick note: I am sorry if this SUCKS, I am very new to the fandom and to be honest this was written for funsies. I only made a SlenderProxy because it seemed fun. Oh and, this is only supposed to be the origin story, the title will make more sense If I make an actual story of Santa Claus in action)

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