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==Serpent Girl== Serpent Girl

You know those people who were raised by wolves or monkeys? Well I was raised by Jormungandr, Midgard or World serpent. He was the middle child of Loki and a sea serpent. Ok, enough of my father. When I was a babe, I was abandoned by my parents and sacrificed to Jormungandr, who raised me and took good care of me. By the time I turned 10, I started to turn into a naga, half human and half snake. Unlike most naga's I didn't have the lower body of a serpent, I looked more like a human, but I have ice blue slit eyes and a forked tongue. I killed my first human when I was 12, I can control the sea, so I drowned a fisher. I kinda got in trouble my pa, but it was so much fun! He tried grabbing at the air, HA like you could save yourself when the sea is your enemy. Look, it's not my fault I hate people... people are the reason the sea and ocean are polluted.

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