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Slasher Town[]

There’s a place somewhere in this world. Somehow difficult to find through conventional methods. It isn't in any map, there’s no register of its existence. But I can assure you that it’s there. Waiting for you to find it and drag you down with it.

It’s a town of many names. Full of people oblivious of the fact. Everyone thinks it has a name. Every town has one after all. But this one has as many names as habitants. Some one may believe its name is “Cherrytown", other may think it is “Woodsboro”, there’s even a possibility of someone thinking its name is “Haddonfield”. Think of a name, someone probably believes it’s the right one. Despite this everyone remains oblivious. None notice the discrepancy. It is natural of course. After all, it’s not the only thing they don’t notice.

However, a common nickname for this town between citizens is “Slasher Town”. Natural, considering the most prevalent feature of this place: It’s worthy of a slasher movie. Lots of them, actually. Considering that it is full of killers. And not “normal” killers. You know the ones. Whichever kind you are thinking of. Angry partners, Negligent parents, untreated mentally ill people, pedofiles, drug dealers or even just your classical serial killers. Of course, some of them are like this. But no, the killers here are something more. I’m talking about murderers resembling the ones in the cinema. Ridiculous killers if you may. Cannibals, revived corpses, paranormal creatures, cults members, all things you would find in a class B movie. Some of these things of course do exist, some of them aren’t exactly Slashers. But it’s strange to find two of them, at the same place and time. Especially considering how little this town is and how it’s not only two, but a big amount of beings. And I believe the nickname came from simplicity. Most of these creatures are killers, they are meant to end you. So I guess Slasher Town came somehow first to horror town or killer town. It’s been called this for years and changing it now doesn't really make sense.

To add to the strangeness of this place it seems to be stuck in a limbo between the late nineties and early two thousands. Technologically at least. You wouldn’t see a modern laptop, an Ipad, or even the current layout of some websites. Technology seems to stop there. Or, at the very least, is trying to recreate the one from decades ago. Which is not to say some apps or webs don’t exist here. Just that they are adapted to the decade. This applies to movies too. They are also released in this place but the technology, filming or even performance style is changed to the trends of the time. How this happens it's a mystery of the place, one of the many. Mysteries like where is this place located? How come it always appears to be autumn? What makes this town like this? And, probably the most important of them all, How does none seem to notice the danger they are facing?

It’s a valid doubt. Because nothing is strange to people in a Slasher Town. Brutality is the norm. Finding out your child is murdering people on the street, something that should make you suffer wondering what you did wrong, to them it’s like finding out that they want to be a musician. Sure, it's not a stable job but everyone is doing it! It’s probably just a phase. Jobs like “Necromancers” are considered logical in this place. Cults are accepted as any other religion, even if they personally disagree with their view of life. To them it’s just like being jewish, Catholic, Islam, any average religion of our world. Abnormal creatures while strange are far more accepted here. They don’t question it. They don’t question anything. Their world is absurd and yet they are immersed in absurdity. That doesn't mean they don’t grif for their murdered loved ones. That doesn't mean they don’t fear for their lives. But aside from their inner circle they don’t mind the horrific things around them. They don’t care about the existence of serial killers, monsters, spirits, anomalies, or whatever else is dangerous in their town. It’s normal for them. And the police won’t do anything about it. Why should they? They are as oblivious as the rest of them. They just keep on. Trying to survive but not trying to change things. Maybe they enjoy killing themselves. After all they are not immune to the nature of the place. And if everyone is doing it, how bad could it be?

But when their loved ones are damaged, when they lose their attachments, something in these people is altered. The courtain of normality is broken. They start questioning again. They question this place, the way things are, the real weight of their actions. Lots of people die here on the regular. Is it perhaps too regular? Should it be regular? Feeling like this is regular? This pain? Knowing how they can’t come back? They were my friends. My family. We lived together. We messed around. Movies, camping, unplanned sleep overs, hangouts, I lived the world with them. And now I can’t anymore. They don’t live anymore. How can people feel this regularly? Am I the only one feeling like this? Why should I feel like this? Everyone seems to be ok with this. And then, as quickly as their freedom came, it escaped. I firmly believe every resident felt like this at least once. They are humans, to some extent. But they all dismissed the idea for their own reasons. Maybe for the standard of their society, maybe because they are murderers themselves, maybe they are afraid of changing, of recognizing how bad they were, or maybe it's just more simple than that. Maybe it is just the town acting out. Maybe we can blame something else, something that’s not us, so we can easily go to sleep. It doesn't really matter. Because we're likely never going to know. And regardless this is still Slasher Town's biggest mystery.

There are multiple ways to travel to Slasher Town. If you really wanna go. I must warn you however that none of them are easy and you may have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Most even depend on chance.One way to get here is with directions coming from a living citizen of Slasher Town. Getting it is fairly difficult but I assure you, lots of them are online. They are like you and me, taste wise at least. They go around the internet like anyone else. But precisely for that they are difficult to find. They don’t go around telling people where they live. And even if they did it wouldn’t be of much help since the place it's referred to through multiple names. The only way you could find out about their town is if you asked directly. Which risks you getting blocked for asking something too personal. Especially if you only started talking to them because you suspected them to be a Slasher Town resident. Ways to identify Slasher Town residents may be:

1-Pay special attention to their description of technology. If they describe an older model as new or complain about a bug that has already been fixed or maybe never even existed (This happens often with newer sites) there's a possibility for this user to be stuck at a different time period. This could indicate them to be a Slasher Town resident.

2-Hear closely their movie descriptions. Movies are different in Slasher Town. They are all adapted to the decade they are trapped in. So if they tried to convince you to watch a movie, do it. Watch it. And then discuss it with them. Ask about the dialogue, the cinematography, the dress code, whatever you think would change if it happened in another decade. WHatever you do, try to make the conversation sound as natural as possible. They are a person after all. They are not above to freak out after an odd conversation.

3-Think about how often they joke about death, murder, or other grim topics. This doesn't always mean the user is a resident. However it's important to know that residents have normalized even the most horrible of the atrocities so it shouldn't be surprising to find them lightly joking about this.I would also recommend to pay attention to their reaction if some morbid event gets brought up.

4-Inconsistent answers about their region. Slasher Town is in any place at a strange time. It’s not unusual for their timezone to change without their knowlege. If they Showing little to no interest in the supernatural. Everyone can be exceptical to the unknown. But when they treat it like something normal, something they have already experienced a thousand times, then you may have to consider the possibility of them being a resident.

5-Sharing violent or abnormal stories with you as regular anecdotes. Similar to the last point. Be also aware if there's odd details on their seemingly ordinary stories. The little things may be an indication of something bigger. Something like what you are searching for.

6-Generally oblivious to the world around them. This may not always be the case but residents are usually isolated from the world outside their town. They only care about the events of their town, oblivious of important political or cultural events. This is unconscious of them, natural even. Try asking them about a widely known scandal and if they are unable to even recognize it there’s a possibility they are a resident.

If the user shows multiple of these characteristics you may be in front of an actual resident. You would now have to convince them to give you the address. Doing this is no easy task, but I can’t provide a guide for. Keep in mind that, as strange as they may be, these are people. And logically they wouldn’t like to give you their address. Getting it is your chore. And I can only wish you the best of luck.

The address will only work if it was given by a resident. It doesn't matter how ridiculous the directions may sound, you will get there if they were given by a resident. And only if they were given to you or someone that you're going with. Getting the address by a third party won't work if they aren’t with you.

There are other ways to access, just more difficult. You can always try to find it on your own. It’s difficult, I would say nearly impossible. But there's a slight chance that you can find it driving alone, on a lonely road. Another way, a slightly more complicated way but also a bit more fruitful, is wanting to escape your small town. For this you have to live in one which is already not an easy request. Is more of a chance thing, honestly. I wouldn’t recommend moving to a small town just for this, considering the chances. But if you are lucky enough to already live in one then you can try to fill the second and last requirement: Wanting to leave. It has to come naturally. You have to genuinely want to escape your small ordinary town with all you got. Despise it, want to burn it, a genuine desire for every habitant there to rot. Then, perhaps, you’ll feel it. You’ll feel the urge to run. Run away and pass the limits of the town. If it’s true you’ll run forever, at least you’ll feel like it. You’ll run and run till you arrive in a small town. One that you know wasn’t there before. One that shouldn’t be there. The one you were looking for.

These two are highly improbable methods, but chances increase if you personally know someone who’s already a resident. By the off chance you arrive don’t worry, you will already have a place to live. You're gonna need it. Because leaving is as difficult as entering. And why would you like to leave, anyway? After all, it’s your home now. And living in this place is as normal as living in any other.

CherryTheWeierdo (talk) 17:27, 22 May 2023 (UTC) CherryTheWeierdo

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