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17 March 2024

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  • curprev 02:0802:08, 17 March 2024Alkastar2742 talk contribs 2,731 bytes +2,731 Created page with "On a dark, foggy night, two girls known as Sara Cooper and Skye Harper had wandered into the woods. Sara clung to Skye as they treaded through the woods. "U-Ummm, Skye, do you really think this is a good idea?" Sara wondered. Skye giggled at her scared friend. "C’mon, Sara, be brave!" Skye encouraged. Sara nodded, but a sudden rustle of the bushes beside them made her jump. Skye chuckled, and they kept walking down the dirt path. As they moved through the woods, the fo..." Tags: Source edit Mobile edit Mobile web edit