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Clip from local news:

“Tonight tragedy hit this small local village in the form of a mass axe murder.” The news reporter said calmly with the sound of sirens ringing out everywhere. “Tonight at approximately 12:34 an unknown masked murderer broke into multiple houses in the small secluded town of St Brumsworth village. Out of the small population of only 63 people, 22 were killed straight away, 9 were injured, of which two died while in the hospital. A devastating blow bringing the population down to only 41. This was Katie Brown on late night news now back to the station.”

Vi lived a lonely life, people bullied him at school calling him things like “Ret*rd!”. Vi suffered from ADHD,Narcolepsy, Schizophrenia and would often get sharp pains through his body so people just tended to not like him. His home life wasn’t great either. His stepdad hated him, despised him.

“BOY! Bring your lazy ass down here and fix me a beer!” Vi’s stepdad Mark demanded “Yes father” came the reply from the top of the stairs. Fast light footsteps came down the stairs and into the kitchen. “While you're in there make me lunch” added Mark

Vi described has dad as a lazy sh*tbag. His mum wasn’t much better as she loved wine and was always out or at work. The only person Vi considered family was his Rabbit. Now his rabbit never really had a name but Vi sometimes called him red, as the bunny had red eyes. “Hurry up! I don’t have all day!” Mark screamed. Vi rushed into the other room and gave his dad a bottle of beer and a sandwich. “Go back to your room” “Yes f-father” Vi stuttered. As he rushed back to his room his father shouted “Your mother will be home today! Don’t be a piece of shit!” Vi closed the door and sat down on the floor dreading the moment his mum came home.

It had been a few hours but Vi heard the door open and slam closed. Footsteps stomped up the stairs and his door flung open. “Get the fuck downstairs” His mum slurred. Vi watched as his clearly drunk mum stumbled down the stairs and he winced in fear as the thoughts of what might happen came into his mind. He got up and made his way downstairs. When he arrived downstairs into the front room he was met with his mom shouting something at him. He had no idea what she was saying as her words were just so slurred. After a few minutes Vi tried to speak but was met with getting hit. His mum kept hitting and hitting him. Vi dashed back up to his room, the screams of his mother racing after him. He slammed the door and cried.

That night he took a high amount of painkillers which left him sleepless and with a weird feeling.

The next morning he didn’t see his parents, he just packed his bag and left for school. It was a normal school day, sitting at the back, everyone looking back to look or laugh at him. Sitting alone at break or lunch with headphones to hear music instead of boisterous shouting and screaming. Over by a tree half way across the playground there were three boys. “Oi there's the ret*rd” one said quietly, “After this shitshow of a school day ends let’s get the f*ckers phone and whatever else he has on him” another said. They all smirked and nodded.

The bell rang and Vi was the first to get out of there. On the way home he walked through a long dark alleyway. Suddenly he was shoved hard from behind, he stumbled but didn’t fall. “Run me your phone and pockets not or i’ll fuckin’ stab you, you get that?” Vi stared at the knife that was being held in his face. All thoughts rushed through his mind then disappeared. His mind was now empty. No thoughts. No words. No nothing. One word came to mind. KILL. He grabbed the knife and pulled it out of the boy's hand cutting himself in the process, he didn’t care though. Picking up the knife he lunged at the first boy missing but slicing one of the others in the stomach. The boy grabbed where he was cut and screamed as Vi plunged the knife into his heart killing him instantly. One of the boys pulled out a bat and smashed it repeatedly into Vi’s back. Vi dodged a hit and as he was unable to retrieve the knife dug his uncut rough nails into the boy's neck and ripped out what seemed to be a bone. The boy dropped down and choked as blood sprayed everywhere. Vi looked at the last boy who was running now. He picked up the knife and threw it at the boy as hard as he could. By pure luck the knife stabbed the back of the boy's calf causing to fall over pushing the knife further into his leg. He screeched in pain while Vi walked over cold faced stumbling for no known reason. Vi stopped at the bullies feet and ripped the knife out of his leg. The boy spat out blood as he cried “Plea-please!” Vi slowly raised the knife above his head “NO! I’m sor-” Vi pushed the knife into the boys back over and over and over while agonising screams echoed everywhere.

After about a minute of repeated stabbing Vi got up and walked off putting the knife on the floor. Stumbling home he saw police cars and heard sirens all going to or in the direction of the boy's dead bodies. He smiled at that. He Laughed at that. After years of not smiling or laughing he’d finally found something that made him smile. His parents' faces smashed the moment of joy and filled him with rage. Adrenaline pumped through his body as he ran to his home garage. Scouring as fast as he could he looked for something, moving boxes around and shoving drawers he found something, something perfect. An axe. A massive axe almost his size. He picked it up and slowly opened the door to his house. Treading slowly through the living room and kitchen he saw bottles on bottles of alcohol. Rage once again filled him as he saw what had caused his life to be a hellish misery. He swung at them making them break, fall, smash and leak everywhere. Out of the twenty one survived, he picked it up and stared at it. From behind him he heard “BOY What the fuck are you doing” Vi turned around slowly as his drunk dad called him slurs and curse words. “KILL” his mind told him. He threw the bottle into his fathers head which broke and impacted cutting marks head making him fall over. “What the fuck!” His dad yelled. Vi took the axe with one hand dragging it behind him scraping a line into the floor. “My whole life, y-you… YOU have abused me, h-hurt me. My life wa-was ruined because of YOU” Vi stopped before his father, grabbed the axe with his other hand and swung it over his head into his father multiple times. He then walked upstairs and made his mother suffer the same fate as his father. He stood there for a moment looking at his work. Once again he smiled and he laughed. The TV in the room suddenly turned on to broadcast news.

Clip from news:

“An unknown killer has brutally killed three boys in St Brumsworth town. There is currently no known information on the murderer or what happened but we’re expected to have updates within the next couple of hours. What we do have is a witness, ma’am what did you see” “Well I ain’t see too much, but I will never unsee what I did. I saw a boy, he had orange hair and pale skin. He stabbed a boy who was on the floor already cut in the stomach. After that he went further into the ally to kill the others. One thing I remember clearly is that he were smilin’ he were smilin’ as he did it. We made a name for ‘im” said the woman shaking “And what would that name be?” Asked the news reporter “Smiley”

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