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Smiley The Clown[]

(This is first draft of my story, just need to see if its good so far & not reviewed) A young boy named Ken, a boy who is 9 years old layed in his bed, he was asleep in his bed, the bed´s pillows, blanket, sheet were red, he wore red comfortable panjamas, he snored endlessly, he was a big time snorer, Ken´s room walls were covered with posters he had a star wars poster, the posters had sith lords but no hereos, darth vader, a iconic movie villian was in all of these posters, you couldn´t find any poster without darth vader holding his light saber, you can tell by now Ken is a star wars fan, star wars was his biggest obsession. Ken heard a creepy whisper, a creepy whisper coming from somewhere in his room, what´s creepy and strange is this didn´t sound like his mother´s voice and he only lived with his mother, him and his mother were both lived in a big house, together, Ken never really knew how it was like having a dad because his dad died just when he was born, he died from lung cancer, he heard his dad was a big time smoker, he appearntly tried to get help but the help did no use, he continued smoking than he had devolped cancer in his lungs, he began getting chest pains but he assumed it was nothing, he began having a hard time breathing, this is when the mom made the dad see someone and by the time they figured out he had cancer it was too late, he shortly after died from the cancer, his mom was depressed, she would try many attempts at getting rid of her depressing thoughts by drinking but this did nothing but cause a alcohol dependcy than this led to a addiction, 3 years later she realized her alcoholism was getting out of control and she had to keep strong for her son Ken, she began taking therapy and this was a big help for her, to this dad she still see´s a therapist, she would get a babysitter for Ken if she was going to see her therapist, the babysitter´s name is Jack, Jack was a teen, a 16 year old, he alway´s would bring his girlfriend Mackenzie along with them and they would talk and talk and talk, they would than watch tv with ken than when it was 8:30 pm they would tuck him in, after Ken was in bed they would makeout and cuddle, right now Jack and Mackanezie were cuddling on the couch, Ken´s mom actually didn´t mind Mackanezie being over, the mom was right now at burger king with her friends, the always struggled to spend time with Ken and this led to Ken developing a depression and he could use it to his advantage. Ken was up but still half asleep, he looked around his room and he saw no one, he than heard a creepy voice say ¨Closet.¨, Ken realized the voice was coming from inside the closet, he took a deep breath than he made his way to the closet, he took a deep breath and poked his head in, he saw nothing, he than felt someone grab him from behind, the person latched onto his shoulder and turned ken around. It was Jack, Jack had a disappointed look on his face, he sighed angrily and said ¨Ken, we can hear you from downstairs, shouldn´t you be in bed?¨. ¨Someone´s in here.¨ Ken replied, Jack becamed even more annoyed than he already was and he said ¨You probably just had another nightmare again.¨, Ken was about to say something but Jack interrupted him and he ordered in a serious tone ¨In my bed right now.¨, Ken went back into bed and Jack left Ken´s bedroom, Ken got comfortable and he instantly fell asleep again. Downstairs in the living room Mackanzie lied on the couch, The Thing, a sci fi horror from 1982 was on the big screen tv, they found the movie in the mom´s dvd collection in the living room, she also had Terrifier, a brutal, gruesome movie, the original Night of the living dead and a lot other horrror movies. ¨What was Ken doing this time?¨ Mackanzie asked, you could tell she was curious what he was doing, this wasn´t the first time this has happened before, they have caught Ken before, he always woke up from nightmares and these nightmares were nothing but stupid nightmares but this time it wasn´t a nightmare, it was something real. ¨It was nothing, just another one of his stupid nightmares.¨ Jack replied, Mackanzie could tell he was annoyed, all he wanted to do was spend time with his girlfriend, the two than kissed and cuddled on the couch while watching the movie. A dark figure was behind them, it was a man, he got closer and closer, it was a clown, a clown with red eyes, pale white skin, a yellow clown suit on and big red funky looking shoes on. The clown got closer and closer and closer, he reached out his arm, he had long arms, long enough arms to be able to get a grip on Jack or Mackanzie, the couple heard something behind them, they both sighed out loud angrily and they thought it was Ken, they turned around and they expected to see Ken standing there or something but instead they saw nothing. Where did the clown go? The two continued watching the movie, ¨I´mma go out for a smoke.¨ Jack said, Jack was a smoker, yea, he was too young but he was able to get his hands on them. Jack kissed his girlfriend on the cheek, he than left the house and pulled out a cigarette, he put it in his mouth and took out a lighter than took a puff from the cigarette, he than sat at the front of the houses steps, he continued smoking. Someone came up behind him, they got closer and closer and closer, they grabbed his shoulder, the clown has a grip on him! Jack turned around, it wasn´t the clown, it was Mackanzie, ¨C´mon, come back inside.¨ she said, Jack realized he had been outside for over 10 minutes, he came back inside and Jack & Mackenzie started making out on the couch. Ken was laying in bed, he heard something, he opened his eyes and he saw a clown at the end of his bed, Ken immediately was about to call for Jack and Mackanzie but no voice came out of him, why couldn´t his voice come out? Ken for some reason couldn´t move anymore either, he tried but this did no use, the clown giggled quietly than he pulled out a knife, he grabbed Ken´s leg and cut it open, he than drank blood from his leg, the taste of blood was wonderful to the clown, the clown than yelled ¨I need More!¨, the clown slit Ken´s neck open and he drank the blood coming out of his neck, he sanked his teeth into Ken´s neck and ripped out a chunk of his neck, the clown than endlessly stabbed Ken in the stomach, the clown had a wide smile on his face, he was enjoying murdering the kid, he enjoyed murdering Ken, the clown haunts the town of Dark Forest, he goes after the weaker kids who are depressed and Ken falls into that cagatorey and he kills teens too sometimes, Jack and Mackanzie bursted into the room. The clown was no where to be seen, they saw the blood soaked bed with Ken´s lifeless body on it, they both screamed loud, they screamed at the top of there lungs and they imeditaley left the room to call the police but the phones aren´t working which is very strange. The couple heard something behind them, something that was moving very fast at a abnormal speed, they turned around to see what the loud noise was, no one was there, strange, just very strange, ¨Who the hell would do this, the person is fricking sick!.¨ Mackanzie said frightened, you can tell she was frightened, she was shaking very bad, Jack had never seen Mackanzie this terrified before, ¨Everything will be alright.¨ Jack replied in a calm voice, he was very scared too but he tried his best to hold it in, he didn´t want to get Mackanzie even more scared and worried than she already was, he had to remain positive, they heard something stretching at the walls, was this the clown tormenting his victims before finishing his massacre up, they followed the stratching sound down the hallway, the sound was coming from in front of them. They continued following the sound than they heard something, they heard something breathing down there necks, breathing heavily, it got a grip on Jack and Mackanzie´s shoulders, they turned around. Was this the clown? They turned around and saw Ken but how could he still have been alive? Ken is dead but he was standing there, he had a evil smile on his face. Jack and Mackanzie were at this point ready to call for help but they stood there frozen, surprised at what they were seeing, Ken had no eyes, just nothing, Ken had a kitchen knife in his pocket, Jack and Mackanzie didn´t say a word but just stood there, they stood there in shock and in horror. Ken looked at his wrist and smiled evily, he slit his wrist, Jack and Mackazie screamed out at the top of there lungs, Ken cut in deep into his wrist and than he drank some of his blood out of the cut, he continued laughing, just laughing, enjoying the taste of blood, Ken than took off his shirt and cut into his stomach, he reached into his stomach and pulled out a pile of his intestines, he than threw his intestines at Mackazie & Jack, the two continued screaming, they were so scared, Ken looked at them straight in the eyes and he said ¨Yum, yum, the taste of blood is refreshing.¨, Ken faded away into the air, was that Ken´s ghost? No, it wasn´t, it was Smiley the clown, Smiley just wanted to give the two a quick scare to get them ready for what was to come, Smiley has the powers to shape shift into anyone he wants, Jack and Mackanzie ran and were about to exit the house threw the front door but Smiley teleported in front of them, he grabbed Mackanzie by her throat, he stabbed Mackanzie in the stomach a dozen times, a rush came over Smiley, he laughed endlessly, Jack tried pulling Smiley away from Mackanzie but Smiley was too strong, Smiley than slit her throat, a deep cut in the throat which killed Mackanzie. Mackanzie laid on the ground, just dead, she laid there dead, Jack screamed than he turned to Smiley in anger, he went to the kitchen and got a knife and he came back, he charged at Smiley with the knife and he was about to stab him but he dissapeared, he had just like vanished. Jack got the police there, there was a investigation but they never found out who the murderer was, this wasn´t the first case of murder that was under investigation, kids had been murdered brutally in terryfying ways, all the witnesses said the same thing, they all said it was a clown. Who exactly was Smiley? What's his motives?

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