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Something is happening in my town and I don't know what to do.[]

I don't know what is happening to everyone. Just a week ago I woke up did my normal daily needs and I went downstairs to get some food and my mom was just standing there doing nothing, rocking back and forth just like a stereotypical psychotic person in a mental hospital. I tried to get her to stop and she wouldn't stop she just wouldn't. It seems like every day more and more people are doing this "rocking." I'll go on a walk and I'll see someone on the road doing this. I would look up stuff online and everything is normal, people are normal. I don't know what is happening.

A few days ago I looked online and searched for my town just to figure out my town wasn't even real, almost like it was wiped out of the earth. I even tried to check my location on an app finder for my air pods and it kept saying place not found.

Something new has happened, I was just walking around and I couldn't even hear any wildlife. Not a bird in sight not even the damn wind nothing everything was just silenced like I lost my hearing but I could hear my footsteps on the gravel. I'm not sure what is happening. I'm trying to figure things out but I can't find anything. I looked online and there was nothing. Nothing about missing places or places that have just disappeared off of the face of the earth.

If anyone has any ideas I can try please help, I would appreciate anything. I'll keep editing if anything changes.

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