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Sonic Diamond Due (rough draft)[]

So.. this all happend a few weeks ago. This isn't about a cursed copy of a game or something out to get me, this is a weird rom hack i found.. Lets start from the beginning.

February 15, 2021

I have had my Sega Genesis emulator for a while now, but i was starting to get bored of just replaying Sonic 2. So i went and searched for some rom hacks of sonic games, the normal stuff popped up.. Sonic Point and Click, Sonic VR, and Robotniks Revenge. But there was one that intrested me, it was called Sonic Diamond Due.. The site hade nothing but a download button. So i clicked it, as soon as i did the rom downloaded. It had the file name DiamondDue.bin, so i booted up my emulator and selected the rom. it was the sonic 2 title screen but with "Diamond Due" under it in blue text. I started the game and Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 loaded, it was the normal stage but when i beat it sonic did a peel out off stage almost like a transition. Then there was Hidden Palace zone which didn't suprise me cause this was a hack, the game crashed after i beat it.

February 16, 2021

Unsettled by last time, i played it again but as tails. there was a new zone after hidden palace called Red Diamond zone, when it loaded my screen was blood red for about 5 seconds. Then it loaded the stage, it was a zone where the backround was blood red and the floor was the sonic sprite. The only obsticals were spikes and red chaos emeralds, i beat the stage but my game crashed with a loud screeching sound, the game wont load now.

(this is just a draft and should be treated as such. Author: Quaimlex)

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