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This has to be the second to last build of sonic one before CES 1991. I’m talking Tokyo toy show era.

I used to shop at the mall on an almost daily basis... until this happened.

I went into a game store where I got most of my GBA games from, and when I went into the genesis section, I saw an unlabeled cartridge, the only words on it were crudely written letters reading “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG”. I decided to buy the game for 11 bucks cheap. When we got home, I put the cartridge in my genesis. When the genesis was powered on, the screen was pure white for about 30 seconds. I’ve got to admit, My eyes were hurting for a long time. The game then started up. No title screen, just a black screen with red and blue flashing writing: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY, 12/11/90. I ignored this and decided to press start. When I started the game, I saw sonic being loaded onto a small plane of grass with a few enemies. A rough version of the motobug with a single sprite popped out of thin air and started chasing me. I figured this was a glitch and continued on. The act was then clear. Act 2 seemed slightly more worse, with a loop of green hill’s opening playing in the back ground, with slightly broken PSG. Sonic was slightly slower and his sprite seemed to be slightly distorted. as sonic walked, the sprites for him started glitching out, with garbage data being repeatedly loaded. The background’s palette was slightly darker, no enemies were present, besides a test boss at the end of the act. As soon as I beat the boss, the screen went to static, with the final act of green hill being loaded. Sonic’s sprite seemed even more distorted, as he was a complete blue mess. I pressed left and suddenly he moved the wrong way. I guessed I had to play that act in that exact way. I slammed the left button and he ran faster than usual. While he ran, the music got slightly more faster until the pitch bended so much I couldn’t even hear it. The background went pitch black, and sonic started running faster. At the 1:57 mark, sonic reached the end of the act. His sprite went back to normal and I was no longer in control. Sonic walked slowly to the left of the screen and looked at a bed of spikes. He jumped over the bed of spikes and continued running. The act continued, with more junk data being loaded into the act. At one point, I’m pretty sure some rings formed out the message of “let’s have a break”. I didn’t know what the message meant, but sonic kept moving along. Sonic clipped through the floor and slowly fell through the ground, with more garbage data being loaded until I couldn’t see sonic’s sprite. The data manipulation stopped, and the ground faded out of the game. Sonic fell and the game went back to the “title screen” and I soon turned off the genesis, and sold the cartridge back to the mall.

They didn’t accept it back.

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