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Stolen Heart (unreviewed)[]

I think it was around the summer of 2014. Or did it happen earlier? Or later? I don’t know, and I don’t see the point in caring either. Perhaps it was fate that did this. Or was it just another day in my life? How old am I again..

I vaguely remember that I was going to the park with my best friend as a celebration that I graduated. Or was it because school ended? It is one of the two. If I had to guess it, i think we were having ice cream too. I am sure that I can still taste the vanilla taste on my tongue. She had chocolate. Or mocca? Doesn’t matter, none of it does anymore.

Late. It was late, my mother called me to come home didn’t she? I just remember a female voice on the phone. Me and my friend talked more on the way home. I don’t think we went home straight, I think we were getting something to drink too.

Or perhaps it was the blood that was reeking from the house right in front of me. It was blood right? Yeah, you don’t forget the smell of blood at all, it’s a metal scent.

I could hear screaming, but I don’t remember from who it was. I think it was from the female next to me, or if it were the screams of myself. It would be most logical to think that we were both screaming. But I have lost that ability.

It was murder I believe. Murder is what they called this. But who murdered these people? Why did they mean something to me? Was it because they are my parents? I haven’t thought about that at all in all honesty.

I heard a loud bang. I guess it was from a hammer. Wait, the bang I heard was from myself wasn’t it? It was the last sound that I would have been able to hear for a while. I didn’t hear anything else for two entire years.

The place I would wake up from was a bed. It was very comfortable, I was told that I was in a hospital. I didn’t look the way I do now. I was too skinny for my own good, and I couldn’t move my limbs all that well. I remember the feeling of confusion before it disappeared to sadness. I think it was a sadness that I was still alive, because the nurses told me about the situation.

From what I was able to hear, I shouldn’t even be alive. Perhaps it would have been better that way. My friend died a little time after I was hit, she had been stabbed in the heart, which was found absent from her body and was nowhere to be found. The same went for my parents's hearts. Mine didn't get ripped out. They said that my chest was open however, but the paradamics and police arrived as someone saw it happen from their windows.

I don't know what more happened, but I do remember being said that the killer escaped, and never be seen again as people recognized their face now.

They gave them a name though, the person who disabled me so badly that I am now in a wheelchair with no vision anymore. The one that ended my life while I am still here, the one that stole the hearts of countless people. The very name who made my life go numb altogether with my emotions and memories.

The Heart Ripper.

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