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Sweet Talullah[]

Im bad at formating sorry

I was digging through some vhs recordings of tv my brother recorded when I found this. I assume its from one of the disney channels because at the end it just says disney. Its kinda creepy that it just ends like that. For some reason the rest of the vhs was just content from cartoon network. I assume that he just switched channels for a short amount of time. Anyways lets get into the recording, which I had transferred to digital.

It starts of with an image of a siamese cat with the text saying “For My Sweetest Cat I’ve Ever Met, Lulu” then an image of a dog appears with more text saying “And The Nicest Dog I’ve ever met, Pluto”. It was strange but I moved on with watching the bumper. In the bumper there was Talullah (the pinkish cat from the cartoon Teacher’s Pet) dancing, Pluto then shows up and dances too, it ends with Talullah scratching Pluto, he howls and then the disney logo appears, just the disney logo as I mentioned earlier.

I am so excited that I found this, I wish you could see my big smile I have while writing this. I didn’t expect to find this, I expected cartoon network bumpers and commercials.I think I should post this on youtube.

UPDATE!!!!: IT WON’T UPLOAD, IT JUST WON’T. I DON’T KNOW WHATS WRONG WITH IT. IT MIGHT BE DISNEY TRYING TO HIDE THIS FROM THE PUBLIC, I DON’T KNOW. I asked my brother about the tape and he didn’t respond. I think thats odd. He usually has knowledge about tv bumpers and commercials, but an expert at something can not know something exists. I was wondering who is Lulu and Pluto and why was this bumper made for them. Anyways I played the video again, wondering why he recorded it in a vhs since they were getting outdated. The video was different this time though.

It started with another weird intro saying “ We Left Lulu With Mr.Puss. We Now Have To Take Care Of Kittens Later.” It had an image of a orange cat and a siamese cat together on the top of the text. The actual bumper was shown next, Talullah didn’t dance just walk, Pluto was the same. At the end of the bumper, Tallullah seemed more aggressive and scratched Pluto twice. Everything else was normal. Just to make sure it isn’t just my computer playing tricks I played the vhs and skipped to the bumper part. It was the same as the video I had saved.

Honestly I think I might be a bit crazy after this.

UPDATE 2: HOLY CRAP I REMEMBER. Mr.Puss was my childhood cat, we had to take care of someone elses cat for like a month or two. Of course the cat got pregnant because Mr.Puss wasn’t neutered. I took a photo of them just sitting. I am wondering why was an image I took in this video, or vhs? Oh yeah, the actual video, I just noticed that the music playing was something called Cairo’s Streets or something like that. Again, lets get to the bumper.

Another weird intro with text that said “MISSING: PLUTO” with an image of the dog again. It then cut to a video of a beagle. The person behind the camera is obviously a kid who is just having fun. “So this is my dog spot, spot say hi,” He starts to pet the dog. He stops and drops the camera for a bit and then has glasses on his hand. “ Sometimes I give Spot some glasses,” The dog is now wearing glasses “wait,”

It then gets to the actual bumper. No music, no Pluto, no audio, just Talullah. She had a scared face and was meowing, I think. Subtitles appeared saying “ POOR LULU . The audio then came back, Cairo’s Streets (that's what I’m calling it) played faintly. It then cuts to a video of a siamese cat that looks like Lulu. About 10 seconds in the cat footage, the disney logo appears.

All this is odd, there's more footage than animation. The disappearance of Pluto was also gone, it's like the dog from the intro, missing. This might keep me up at night.

UPDATE 3: My brother left. I don’t know why though. Let's just get to the video because all of you are interested in what's happening.

There was no intro, it just started. Spot (Helperman) was just standing there. It was like that for what felt like 1 minute. It turned black and I could hear children screaming. There were (for lack of better word) adults in there trying to calm down the kids. Someone was talking about a dog. Then footage of a beagle with glasses laying in a bed played with the disney logo after.

What did I just watch?

will continue later

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