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TKO Rules! (Alternate Ending)

One Of My Favorite Cartoon Network Shows I Watch On The Modern Era Was OK KO Lets Be Heroes, It Stars A Boy Named KO Who dreamed To Be Hero Of The Lakewood Plaza Turbo With Help from His Friends Rad And Enid. But One Of My Favorite Character From That Show Was His Turbo Counter Part, Turbo KO, Or TKO For Short, He Is Basically KO More Powerful/Emo Side Of KO That Lives In His Brain, He May Be Have A Evil Side Cause Of Shadowy Figure But I Still See The Goodness Inside Of Him And I found Him A Nice Person From The Inside. I Was On My Phone Playing The Cartoon Network Arcade App Playing Go Go KO When I Got A Text From My Friend Saying That He Has Saw A Different Ending to The OK KO Episode “TKO Rules”, I Question “What Kind Of Change Did They Made On An Ending To A Episode Focused On My Favorite Characters On That Show?” He Told Me He Has A Video File Of The  Alternate Ending  To TKO Rules And He Will Email It To Me, I Got To My Computer To See If The Email Is There, And Likely It Is, The File downloaded It As “tkoalternateending.mp4”, I Clicked On The File And The Video Began, But Before It There Was A Warning Screen “The Following  Alternate Ending To This Episode of OK KO May Be Very disturbing For Both Younger Audiences And Teens, Please Watch This At Your Own Risk”, I Have A Really Bad Feeling This Is Not Going To Be As Pretty As Flowers, The Video Starts Off As Normal Where TKO Was Sitting In His Bean Bag Playing His Video Game And KO Appered From Behind, Then We Hear The usual Dialogue From TKO “ I Guess Everything Turned Out Huh? “Hey TKO” Replied  KO, A Elevator Appeared Behind Him “Come With Me”. So Far Nothing Weird Is Happing Right Now It Was Looking Normal SO Far……OR So I Thought, As Ko And TKO Were Going Down The Elevator Creepy music Was Playing In The Backround, It Sounds Like If Satan Himself as Banging Keyboards On A Grand Piano, “So What’s Up” Asked TKO, But What’s Strange Is That KO Didn’t Say Anything, He Just Stayed Silent For Only A Few Seconds, Until He Spoke “TKO, You Caused so Much Trouble Right Now, But I Relized Something Today, This Is My Brain, And There Something Deep Down Where I Can put thing That Would Never Bother Me Again, My Subconscious” I Just Relized That When KO Looked At Him, His Eyes Were Red, And His Subconscious Was Different Too, It Has Blood Stains All Over The Place And Other People’s Bodies on The Ground Rotting To Death, TKO Started To Vomit But Likely He Had A Bag On Him, I Paused The Video So That I Can Throw Up In The Toilet Cause What Disgusting Thing I Saw Right There, After I’m Done, I Continued With The Video, “KO, No, That Looks Way Too Scary And Gross, Even For Me, You Can’t Make Me Go There!” TKO Said Panicly, “Too Bad, Goodbye TKO” KO Said In A Demonic Voice, And Then KO Did What He Did To TKO At The Final Cut, Which Is Pushing Him Out Of The Elevator And KO Went Away, TKO Feeled Scared On The inside Of His Surroundings, As He Was Walking Along A Dark Figure Was Approaching TKO, And What I Saw, Made My Jaw Went down, It Was Not Other Then, Tex, The THX Mascot, “Well Well Well, Look What we Have Here, Looks Like My Next Target Is A Kid” I Question To Myself, “Why Is A Robot That Shows The Beginning Of Pixar Films Doing In A Cartoon Network Show?”, I Proceed To Continue, “What Do You Want From Me Scrub!” Yelled TKO “Oh Nothing, Just A Lots Of Pain To Your Body Which Im Going To Bring To You!” He Grabbed  A Drill From His Tool Belt And He Zoomed Fast On His Jet Pack Towards TKO As He Dropped on The Ground, “Such A Weak Turbo Kid You Are TKO, Hahahahaha” Tex Said, TKO Tried To Get Up But It Was Too Late, He Laid Dead On The Ground With blood All Over His Body, And Screen Zoomed Out And Faded To Black, And The Video Ended,  “What…Was…That!?” I asked, That Video Became Traumatized To Me And I Never Want To See it again, So I Putted The File In The Bin And Empty It, Making It Gone forever, But No Matter How Scary That Is, I Still Love TKO No Matter What, But I Still Have Nightmares Of That Alternate Ending To TKO Rules, But If Guys Come Across It, Don’t Watch It

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