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==That Day That Haunts My Dreams== The Day That Haunts My Dreams

I can still hear the screams and wails of that horrifying, dreadful, frightful day. I was 12 at the time when I saw the whole world being slaughtered. Everyone got killed because they believed if they were strong and free-spirited they would never be killed because they had God on their side. There are some people who lived during the bloodbath of 2089. Me... and my bestfriend Jennifer. She's gorgeous... she has pale rosy skin, long curly blonde hair and eyes that when you look into them, you feel like there's someone there for you, she's 15. But, I lost my whole entire family though. 

"Amber!" Jennifer cried out. "Amber! Come quick!"

"What? Im busy cooking... all we have is bread and," I ask, coming out of the hut with a long piece of what looked like a camel mixed with a lion's head, "whatever this is."

"Food isn't important! Look down there... towards the Fallen Hill!"

Fallen Hill was named that because it held the blood of so many fallen ones. The fallen ones are the innocent ones, the ones that had families and never did anything wrong in their life. It's the most famous Hill in Devuniake.

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