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The Battington Tapes[]

{Tape 1}

-inserts Vhs tape and a camera recording starts playing from tape- “Whats up you guys its your boy here, and today I’m exploring an abandoned toy factory/ play place so let's see what we can find today!” -turns camera towards building- “HarmoyToy inc.., huh pretty bland name” -walks to the building and pulls on the door but its locked- “locked, but thank goodness I have ways around this..” -uses a lock pick and opens the door and the door lets off an eerie creaking noise and walks into the building- “creepy..” - hears what sounds like shoes squeaking but wasn't moving at the time- “W-who’s There?! I'm warning you that I know martial arts!!” -panicked and walks towards where the sound came from- “ Show yourself and we won't have a problem, and i'm no rat man” -it gets super dark and the explorer turns his flashlight on- “huh…must’ve been nothing” camera turns and there is a Henry doll in shot and the explorer jumps- “JEEZ!... ha..hahahaha…. It’s just a dumb doll..” -kicks the doll over- “but it looks like I'm not gonna be able to find out whatever made that noise” -goes back out into the lighter area- “now which way to go -looks down a split hallway- “well neither paths have been used in so long but the left is calling in my interest so I'm going left” - walks down the left path and soon runs into the power room- “OH SWEET!” -pulls on the door and it is unlocked and finds the generator and is ready to pull the switch- “Let there be light!!” -pulls the switch and the lights come on but a few are dying out but it's much brighter than before- “let's go!!” - gets out of the power room but sees the Henry doll again- “wait huh?.. I didn't see you when i came down this hallway and weren’t you in the…”-realization- “hmmm, seems like there's someone trying to scare me out of this, but i wonder why..”-the explorer wondered to himself, but then went on- “oh well, oh and uh weird doll sorry about earlier, without the lights you looked horrible, but with the lights on you look like a masterpiece” - walks past the henry doll- “alright…lets ..” -hears singing down the other hall he didn't go down and turns the camera to him and whispers- “guys i think our culprit is right down that hall, lets get him on video red handed!” -sneaks down the right hall and goes into what seems to be a play area and he jumps up to surprise the person but it's just the doll again- ‘I WANT A TOY, I’VE BEEN SUCH A GOOD BOY!’ -the doll sang over and over getting more distorted as it repeated- “w-what the heck?!” - the henry doll turned it head in a violent manner to the explorer- “OH GOD!” - the explorer dropped the camera and ran and the henry doll chased after him- “WAIT! NO,NO,NO!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!” -he screamed out- ‘why do you run, friend?’ -we hear fanfair faintly on the camera then we faintly hear choking- ‘ goodnight friend, sweet dreams’ -then we see the Henry doll approach the camera and pick it up- ‘I’ve got a new toy, cause I've been such a good boy!’ - the doll sang as the power of the camera ran out and the screen faded black then the tape was ejected and it jumped out of the vhs player-

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Catnukes (talk) 19:19, 5 December 2023 (UTC) its hard to read[]

Its just a wall of text. You should write it like this.

"I sure hope I don't slip on a banana peel!"
slips over a banana peel

or something like that