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The Boy Who Lives Among And Within All[]

When you fall asleep, you would have dreams, and sometimes nightmares, for me, it always has to be nightmares, I don't know why, every time when I wake up I find myself in different places, surrounded with different people as if I'm sharing my consciousness with millions, if not, countless of strangers.

I never dreamed of something good. It always had to be nightmares. I always see myself getting killed over and over in each of my dreams. This causes me to suffer insomnia, and sometimes started to question reality, I was getting agitated, annoyed, and afraid.

Although it doesn't discourage me from always standing up and facing my daily hardship in life, I'm always willing to help anyone in need, even though I might bemoan myself with all the risks I've taken. But as long as others are happy, then I'm relieved.

One day, while I was walking home, I arrived at a library and asked the librarian if there are any new books that arrived in the library today, the librarian showed me a book titled The Boy Who Lives Among And Within All, I felt intriguing, so I decided to have a read through, to be honest, the story is very interesting.

You are tired of this sick life, having to handle the scolding and complainings of your surroundings just by repeatedly making mistakes, over and over again, and you wanted all of this to end? Have you ever wondered what does it feel like to have more and more power? Be a god? or become omnipotent?

Well, why don't you try and kill a boy? I guess we're all wondering, Why should we kill an innocent, deterministic, kind-hearted, yet, risky young teenager? Unlike any other usual teenagers you would see in your life. This is no ordinary boy. He is believed to be the embodiment of The Source.

The Source is what would make us truly omnipotent, because it is believed that the Source is connected to all boundaries, abstracts, concepts, existences, nothingness, universes, infinite possibilities, and impossibilities, even superior beings that called themselves Gods. Let's say that the Source is everything and anything that any being could imagine.

Then why is it so hard to obtain it? Why has nobody ever manage to get their hands on the Source? Why can't they kill the boy?

One, it's because if the boy is utterly dead, then everything and everyone else will also have the same faith as he does. After all, the Source is the origins of everything, and anything. With it perishing from reality, that means the existence of everything in our universes doesn't have a purpose to live. Thus it instantly collapses in a matter of seconds claiming endless lives.

Second, we do not know where the boy is, and what does he look exactly. To this very day, there had been no basic description that describes the boy's appearance, his age, where he lives, sexuality, distant relatives, friends, which universe he's within, etc. The only clue that is left for us is his name...R.L. Of course, even if we are able to track him down, it's still futile, his powers are determined to keep him alive.

Woah, that's cool, I wish I was like the boy, so that I wouldn't have to worry about life again, differences I should be aware of peoples trying to kill me for stealing away my powers. I decided that its enough for today, and so I return the book to its shelf and left the library.

When I was walking home, I had this feeling as if someone is following me from behind, I turned around and but nobody was there, probably just my head.

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