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The Chair[]

This could be a very long story, so I’m just going to shorten it up a bit. So one day I was coming back from a movie with my mom and sister Emma. I was in Vermont at that time. Vermont has a lot of mountains, and we had to drive over one on the way back home. Once we were off main street and onto the quiet forest roads a truck approached us. At first we thought it was just some random dude going somewhere. But we soon learned that he was following. He kept turning his brights on and off. And you know when you get that like… vibe that something is wrong? That’s what I felt. I’m sure mom and Emma felt it too. Mom decided to take a very closed road and the truck followed. We were cautious but we were still saying, “Maybe he’s just going the same way we are?” So, it was probably 10:00pm. So pretty late, usually we would go moose hunting. So we said, “Hey screw it let's go moose hunting.” Usually our moose hunting spot is a half hour away from my house. Mom drove to the forest we usually go moose hunting. the forest we usually go to. Guess what? The car followed us onto the dirt road. At that point we were all scared. But relief washed over us as he pulled to the side. It didn’t look like a road, but maybe it was just overgrown. Then we heard the car shut off and a house door slam. But that wasn’t the scary part. Pulling the man aside we kept on going now entranced in wanting to find a moose. Maybe 10 miles up we approached a field. The full moon was shining and we saw deer galloping. It was so pretty. We stopped for a but and picked out some flowers to bring home then continued down the narrow road. Finally we reached a hill so we went up it and, mind you this is 15 to 20 miles up from where the dude pulled aside. We saw a chair. Emma cocked her head and took a picture. By the time it was 11:30 or so, we couldn’t see anything. But we knew the chair was empty. Emma showed me the photo veering away from my mom. It had somebody in it. But it didn’t look like a person. I swear to this day I’m still wondering what that was. We finally showed mom and she freaked out. (She has a really big fear of aliens) She literally no joke almost hit a tree turning around. We sped home and pulled into the driveway. I almost screamed. The door was open and we could just see blood dripping out the door. Mom pulled us behind her and cautiously walked in, I scrunched my nose as I could smell a dead animal. Maybe even human. My mom gasped and I turned my gaze to where she was staring. There was a tail coming out of the couch. Emma leaned down and screamed, she was pulled under the couch and blood squirted onto my face. I screamed as loud as I could and started crying. My mother rushed to the house phone and dialed 911. Busy. The door slammed, and Mom tried to open it, locked. I began to panic as I was seeing my mother struggle and my sister rushing to get out from under the couch. I leaned towards Emma to grab her hands, that's when I saw the creature in the chair. It let Emma go, suddenly the dining room chairs shook violently, we all huddled in a circle as the creature came out from under the couch, we could now see it clearly. It was white with a "cloth" over it's face. I thought it was a human. The thing sat on the dining room chair and smiled at us. "Come sit in a chair." It's voice was deep and sincere, we walked towards the chair. I yelped in pain as I saw blood fall from my legs. I looked in the mirror to see my face deformed and covered with a cloth. I looked around and I was alone... I felt surprisingly comforted. I smiled and sat on the floor. I looked down, I didn't have legs, they were just flesh, and I was now sitting in a chair. No, I could see myself ripped apart. My family was sitting there with knives in their hands. The creature nodded. I closed my eyes and left the house... the pain was unbearable. All I could see was flesh and blood. The chair lay in front of me, welcoming. I sat down in it and watched a car stop. A camera clicked and then they rushed off before I could say hi.

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