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The Closed Door Game[]

The Closed Door Game


The following game (or ritual if you are into that kind of thing) has been played by both adventurous adults and bored children, who don’t understand the consequences of toying with the other side, for generations (hopefully you are the former). Its purpose is to gain answers and knowledge from both the dead and whichever entities decide to respond. While this game is safer than many others, all manner of caution should be taken when undertaking it. Those who have not given activities such as this the proper amount of respect have had some very bad things happen to them. Examples including everything from a run of bad luck, causing a residual haunting in their own home, and demonic oppression or worse.

Ensure you read, understand, and remember all rules before attempting to play.

This game is provided for entertainment purposes only and the author takes no liability or responsibility for anything that might occur to anyone playing it.

Needed Items

  • Night. Shortly after midnight works well but do not play this game between 3:00am and 4:00am local time as this will increase certain risks.
  • One or more players. Though it is recommended that you do not play this game solo.
  • Salt. Enough to create a thin line across the doorway to your safe room.
  • A light source. Such as a candle or flashlight. Yes, a flashlight is usually fine and perhaps safer in this instance, however people have reported greater success in the darker environments a candle provides.
  • A space you are familiar with such as your home. It must have several rooms with solid working doors.


Once it is night, gather all needed items and turn off all major sources of light throughout your home.

Close the door to every room, closet, and enclosed space in your entire house.

Pick a comfortable room in your home to prepare as your “safe room”. This room is where you will start and end the game. It could be your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room with a single door in or out of it in which you feel secure.

Pour a thin line of salt across the threshold to this room. Ensure the line has no gaps and extends from edge to edge of the doorway. Gather everyone participating in the game into this room and close the door with all players are inside. It is highly recommended that anyone else not playing the game should not be outside of this room while the game is active.

Once your salt line is in place and the door is closed, all players should say a prayer of protection such as, “I/We ask the forces of good to protect this room and banish all evil and malevolent entities from crossing the threshold. I/We ask for protection to be placed on all present here and to guide us to the answers we seek.”. This room is now your safe room.

Starting The Game

With preparation completed, you may now proceed to start the game. Walk up to the closed door in your starting room which leads to the rest of your play space and perform the following:

  • Say the following aloud, “One knock to awaken the souls from beyond. Two knocks to draw them in hopes they'll respond. Three knocks to ask them for answers we seek and listen the questions for which we will speak. Open the gateways and out of your tomb. We ask for all spirits to go to your rooms.”
  • Knock 3 times on the door and wait
  • If you hear nothing on the other side of the door, it is (probably) safe to open it and proceed to the game itself.
  • If you hear any of the following, do NOT open the door to your safe room and end the game immediately:
    • A knock in response
    • Voices or whispers
    • Scratching, footsteps, or any other unexpected noise
  • If everything seems ok and you wish to proceed, gather your light source and open the door to your safe room. Cross the threshold and close the door behind you. The game has now begun.

During The Game

Now that the game has begun you should take a moment to center yourself. Take a deep breath and allow your senses to come online in this environment. You will need them.

Once you feel ready, the game works like this. You proceed slowly to any closed door in your home besides your safe room. Stand in front of the door facing it and ask any question that has a yes or no response in a normal voice and volume. Once you have asked your question, knock three times on the door you are standing at. To have the greatest chance of getting an answer, you should start with simple questions for the first couple rooms. Questions like, “Is anyone there?” or “Can you hear me?” are good starters.

If everything is going well, one of the following should occur:

  • You will hear one knock in return from the other side of the door. One knock indicates a “yes” response to your question.
  • You will hear two knocks in return. Two knocks mean “no”.
  • You will hear nothing in return. This can mean several things including that the game won’t work in your home, that this specific room isn’t attractive to the other side, or that whoever or whatever is there doesn’t want to answer your question.

Regardless, so long as one of the above has occurred, you can either move on to the next room or try to ask additional questions at this same door.

If at any time you hear three knocks in response at this door or anywhere else in your house, even in the distance, immediately return to your safe room and end the game (see warnings for more information).

The cycle of asking questions and knocking continues until players are satisfied, bored, or experience any unanticipated incident. This is the main point of this game, to gain knowledge from the other side. Provided everything is going according to plan, this is pretty simple, isn’t it?

While this game is somewhat safer than other methods of gaining knowledge such as a Ouija board, it is not without dangers. Doorways act as strong portals once you open them in your home. Please ensure your entire group is playing responsibly and aware of all risks and warnings before playing and that you end the game properly.

Ending The Game

When you are ready to end the game, calmly but confidently go back to your safe room. Once all players are inside, close the door behind you taking care not to disrupt the salt line.

Repeat the following phrases three times:

“We thank any guests who entered our home, but now it is time to leave us alone. Please return to your slumber with swiftness and haste. Exit your rooms and depart from this place. Guardians surround us with protection and light. Please force out the darkness with all of your might. Restore this place to its former stead. It’s made for the living, so out with the dead.”

You should now be able to open the door to all the rooms in your house and turn lights back on as needed. It is suggested that while doing this that you give your house a quick walk through to make sure nothing feels off or out of place.


  • During the game, do not open any of the doors in your home with the exceptions of your safe room door when you are ready to end the game and your front door if you are required to leave.
  • Avoid knocking on smaller room doors such as closets, pantries. In addition to having a low success rate, these smaller spaces can attract unwanted entities.
  • Avoid knocking on any room that you feel has negative energy surrounding it, for example, the door to the basement where you have always sprinted up the stairs out of fear or the creepy guest room you never want to enter. If this describes every room in your house, then you should probably pick another location to play this game.
  • If at any time you hear three knocks coming from anywhere in your home, immediately go to your safe room and end the game.
  • If you hear any door in your home open or close on its own, immediately retreat to your safe room and end the game.
  • If your safe room salt line is broken for any reason, immediately leave your home.
  • If you discover that the door to your safe room is open, immediately leave your house.
  • It is critical that you perform the suggested ending ritual or an equivalent one if you know what you are doing to prevent uninvited guests from taking up residence in your home as this is usually undesirable.

If an event occurs that requires you to leave your home, wait until at least 4:00 am (though after sunrise is better) and perform the ending ritual once it is acceptable. You should be able to tell immediately once you try to reenter your front door if the house feels safe or not.

Thank you for playing responsibly. I hope that you find the answers you are looking for and nothing else...


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