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The Coughing Man (draft, super unfinished)[]

The hot June air makes her sweat. She hates the garage. Darkness envelops the air, boxes filled with books, DVD's and other goodies. She steps through the doorway and it feels like a new planet. She can't find the lightswitch. She looks around for a flashlight. "Dad, where's the flashlight!" she exclaimed. "It should be under the barbell!" he replied. She looked around and found it. The window in another room opened a crack and it startled her, then chuckled it off. "I found it!". Nothing. She looks around for the DVD of "M". She finds it and leaves. "Dad, I got it". Nothing. She walks in the house "Dad"? She turns to see, nothing? "Okay what the hell is going on?" she yelled. She goes to the hallway and looks around. Cough cough! "Ah-ha!" She opens the paren- Crunch! In an instant she feels the sharpest pain she ever felt. She just got stabbed in the right kidney. The knife is pulled out and the door opens violently. She sprawls on the floor. He says slowly "Sally..." Cough cough! She instantly felt sick when he coughed on her. The man lifted his hood. then Sally said the only thing she can think of: "You're one ugly motherfucker!" He then stabbed her. The man went to a mirror and washed himself. Sally was right, he was ugly as hell. He looked exactly like if Jar Jar Binks had sex with Samuel L. Jackson.

The police were notified by a survivor in the house, a little sister. She hid in the washing machine. She drew a side profile drawing of him, he appeared to have a purple knife for a hand, and a tattered cloak. There was a speech bubble that said cough! The child was sent to CPS and therapy.

One year later, on June twenty seventh she was playing with cats outside. Cough cough! Her head went to the sound. But all she saw was fog and Mr. Brögovich. Then she turned and saw the gleam of purple. She froze, her eyes dilated and her very short life flashed before her eyes. Then coughs. All she can think of are coughs. It happened so fast, she lost her mom, then her dad, in two seconds then her big sister, who was her best friend, all to the coughs. Atleast now she can join them. The Coughing Man charges his arm up to stab. She faced the man, the man who took everything from her, and said: "You're one ugly motherfucker!" Just like her sister. The Coughing Man lunged forward and stabbed her. She was dead, dead before Mr. Brögovich can see. Cough Cough! The man coughs. Mr. Brögovich looked back at her and saw her dead on the floor. He went to her and instantly felt sick, not the type of sickness you feel when you need to vomit but the dying type of sickness. His hair began to fall out and he backed away and called for help. Two days later he died from Cancer. Medical records said he was fine until that time.

He left the foster house and went into the woods. He sat down on a stump. Cough, Cough!


“This is a-”

“This is all I am…”

“Just a killer...”

He pulls out a crayon drawing of a Man and two women. One woman was a child. The drawing labelled “Daddy, Me, and Mommy”. The Coughing Man teared up.

Who are you?”

He gets up and puts the drawing in his cloak's pocket. Cough, Cough!

“Who am I?”

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