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The Dancing Shadow[]

Ah my second creepypasta thank you guys for reading my last creepypasta "You Must Murder". This creepypasta was a dream i had a week ago so let's go. It was dark outside and i was watching youtube. You've thought it was gonna be a good time but boy you were wrong. 12:46 of August , 20 , 2021 the worst day that will scar me for life. I was scrolling through youtube until i found a video called "The Dancing Shadow" i clicked it to see if a random shadow from a human dances. The video opens up as i took a look a video. It seems we are a toddler with there mom. I see a shadow dancing in the bottom right of the closet and i see a toy above attack the toddler a.k.a the viewer. The mom looks terrified trying to get the toy off her child's face. But the door opens and the video ends i was shocked but disappointed at the same time as it's probably lame to put a simple toy on the camera. I go to check the comments but all i see is ... from the comments. Perhaps i should go asleep and forget all this... I wake up from a scream from my girlfriend i go to check on her but she was nowhere. But i do see a "Dancing Shadow". I run quick to hide as i hear my front door creak open. i hid under my couch to hide but- ErROr ErRoR eRrOr   tHe EnD

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