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The Dark Seance of Yalgua, Part I (unreviewed)[]

I’m not sure who is reading this, but listen up. If you find this note, it means that I am dead. And, that you have also found the box. Don’t open it. Don’t even touch it. Unless [scribbled out in pen]. Never mind. All you need to know is that it isn’t over for you. At least, not yet. If you haven’t opened the box that is. There’s a way you can prevent all of this. What happened to my brother, and what is already happening to me.

Find a cross, preferably a crucifix. As big as you can get, and I mean it, find the biggest one. Find a chain. Any old chain will do, but make sure it’s strong. It needs to be strong for what we’re going to do next. Lastly, you’ll need a lock, the strongest one you can find. The key isn’t necessary, as you’ll find out later. Place the crucifix on the box, and if you start to feel it emanate a… Disquieting aura. Don’t worry, that means it’s working. Now wrap that chain around the box, as many times and as tight as you can get it, until the crucifix is firmly attached to the box. Then take your lock, and lock the chain and crucifix to the box. Congratulations, you’ve just completed step one.

If at this time, you see or sense the box starting to move, again, don’t worry. This means that you did step one correctly. It’s at this time, that you may vaguely hear whispers, or strange, ghostly sounds coming from the box. This is the box, or rather, what’s inside of it, trying to communicate with you. This is another sign you’re doing the right thing and is no cause for alarm. As long as you don’t listen to what the voice tells you, you’ll be fine.

Next, you’re going to want to take the box into the woods, or the forest, or whatever remote area is closest to you, and bury it there. And I strongly recommend the closest area. As the longer the box is restrained, and the longer you’re near it, the louder and more demanding the voice will become. If you wait too long, you may succumb to the torment. Then, it’ll be too late for you. Once you reach your burial ground of choice, start digging. You should’ve brought a shovel. If you don’t have one, get one, however you can. But don’t let the box out of your sight, and absolutely do not leave it unattended. Dig as deep as you can. Six feet is the minimum, any less than that, and you’re just asking for it…

Once your grave is complete, chuck that thing in there, and start covering it back up. By this time, (if you didn’t wait longer than you should have) the voice should be nearly unbearable. But keep going, you’ve come too far to give up. Once the grave has been filled you’re going to want to make a circle of stones around the grave. The size and type of stone don’t matter, but you want the circle to be unbroken, stone-on-stone the whole way around. Once your circle is complete, you’ve made it to the final step. Find a branch, or a sturdy stick. Anything you can get. You’re going to use it as a stake. Now take out your knife, (oh, by the way, you need a knife). Carve your stick until it has a sharp enough point to stick into the ground. Stab that stake into the middle of your circle of stones, in the center of the grave. Be very careful to follow these instructions to the letter, this is the most important step. Take your knife and carve into the stake, vertically, from top to bottom the phrase:

Yalgua is dead. Long live Yalgua”.

It’s at this time, that the voice should have stopped, and a feeling of weight being lifted from your shoulders should wash over you. Congratulations, you’ve just done what I couldn’t do, and what so many others before us couldn’t do. Take a step back and rest easy with the knowledge that you’ve just saved your own life, and maybe countless others.

And, friend, pray that you never see that box again…

To be continued.

Yalgua (talk) 18:51, 5 October 2022 (UTC)

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