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The Demonic Angel[]

    It was a cold, winter evening in Montana. I don't remember exactly where I was but it was during a ski trip with my friends because I had gotten good grades. I was fourteen at the time and was quite happy about going to Montana, because most of my life was spent in hot, sunny beaches of Miami. My family was quite rich, my father being an esteemed orthopedic surgeon. My mother had passed away on a hiking trip to the very forest in Montana the ski trip was at. The autopsy revealed human teeth marks on the victim as well as nail scratches all over. It is rumored that a lady back in 1942 was killed here in the forest I was in and now haunts the forest nicknamed "The Demonic Angel" I was talking to my friends in the lodge when I heard a bang on the front door, so the oldest of we four friends, Derell, investigated. The wooden door swung open as a slumped figure strolled in, a grin on his face and long, sharp nails. He mumbled something about us being here on the blood moon, then spoke in a loud and commanding voice, "You must leave at once, you are in grave danger."
    My friend shouted back at the figure, but the figure seemed rather uninterested in small talk, and eventually strolled out with a larger grin on his face. My phone rung, I picked up, "Son... Come to me.." I stared into the phone, hearing my mothers voice speaking over the thing. "Son, return to your mother." the voice rumbled in my ears.

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