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The Devils Game[]

<Games do you play them. Worlds of light built by the hands of mortals to bring joy to the masses, humans like you and me. But what happens when a beast enters this world built for joy, a beast built of hate and sin from the void before the first spark. I was an employee for Nintendo working at a remote facility in the 1990s and we were in the play testing a new game called Angels Quest. It was Nintendo's first attempt at a RPG aimed at teens and adults . It was basically about the child of an angel who was cast down to earth as a human and had to prove himself worthy of being a warrior of heaven.

You got to name your character through the default name was Saduj for somereson (pronounced Sad-u-gee.) In any case Nintendo wanted the game to be mostly finished before they announced it, and were perfectly willing to if anything went wrong. So I'm writing this to tell the true story of  what happened at the Kimosunai Nintendo offices.My friend  Haru was on the programming team and he told me he was having trouble with the game a couple months ago during a coffee break. “I was out for one day.” He said  “One day. And they let Botan on my terminal when he was clearly hammered. Now he’s completely fucked it up beyond belief now it's glitching like crazy. I don't wanna have to go through it again. He managed to make the first level more scary than the final boss. .” “I’ll check it and see if I can fix it.” I said  “Thanks man.” Haru said. So I stayed late at the office to playtest. When the opening screen loaded up at that point I should have told  the head of the project  Akio that Botan had severely damaged the coding of the game and we should just scrap the project, because instead of the heavenly castle, there was just a face with dead yellow skin, a gaping fanged mouth and one cyclopian soulless red eye. The face was grotesque, it had purple spikes sprouting from  its head like hair and it looked so real but I knew it couldn't be..and instead of Angel’s Quest the title read Devils Game in font that was stitched together from a bunch of different video games. 

At this point I should have probably turned the game off and told the head of the project to scrap it, but didn’t because for one thing Akio was Botan’s uncle so there was a good chance he would blame me for whatever Botan had done and I get the blame for the project going under, but for another thing I promised Haru I would check the game out and I always keep the promise to my friends.

So I maneuvered the control sticks to the start button and clicked play. I spawned in a dark forest surrounded by the ruins of a peach's castle. I could not see my player character. The ruins were speckled with blood. I shook my head Botan really fucked up this time. I pulled out the write up from I had in my bag so I could record how much Botan had fucked up the game and wrote down Botan has severely sabotage our project and is a possible spy for sega. When I looked back at the screen, a toad had appeared from nowhere and I clicked on him and he said “Stop, please delete the files, start over, destroy the game save yourself. Just stop.” I rolled my eyes and wrote down on the write up slip: Botana also appears to be attempting to turn Super Mario 64 into a horror game. I looked back and the toad had disappeared where there was a pixelated dragon carved in the dirt. I walked around the ruins until I found a trail. Dotted throughout were dismembered Toads. With bloody tears streaming down their faces. The thing was the background music changed to unearthly screeches, yet I could make out what they were saying“save yourself.” the voices wailed “Leave this place and burn its vessel.” but when I left the clearing the voices were suddenly replaced with rain, and thunder

Eventually the road led to a stream where for a second I thought I saw something that looked like a Nopperabou but with two dragon wings sprouting from its back. But when I looked back it was gone. Then in a flash of lighting I saw something hanging from a tree with its arms up, and some kind of rope coming from out of them. When I got closer I realized the figure was Princesses Peach, and the ropes were… “Dear God.” I muttered “There her veins and tendons. He's made her hang herself with her own veins and tendons.” This shook me more than anything I’ve ever seen before because not only were they so damn realistic I Knew Botan loves Princess Peach. She had always been his favorite character and there was no way he would defile her like this. At this point I was reeling. I would have shut down the game but besides my promise to Haru I was frankly intrigued. Whatever Botan had done to the files had resulted in an acid trip of a game and to be honest I was starting to enjoy it for the sheer shock value of it.

I walked along the river until I came to a bridge. I rolled my eyes because Botan had textured it to resemble realistic human bones. “Really Boton.” I muttered “It’s Pathetic. After the Peach thing you think I'll be scared by old bones. Realistic as they may bee” I crossed the bridge and continued on the path. Suddenly the screen became extremely grainy and red text began to flash on the screen still I pressed on. Soon the text was coming on more frequently. Suddenly the text stopped when I Burst out into a clearing with a sign in the ground, a pyramid in the center. The words on the sign were written in a tongue I did not recognize yet, I somehow knew what it said: Oh Eldest Beast I bid you rise. Then as soon as the words left my mouth The screen began to shake and I cracked the ground in the game. Two creatures appeared: The Nopperabou and the monstrous head from the start screen, only it was connected to the body of a scorpion. The Beast rushwordes me and I could hear its voice coming out of the speakers and it said “Your mine.” The Nopperabou ran towards The Beast throwing balls of amber fire at it this caused it to turn around to The Nopperabou it growled “Insigneftent pest.” The Noprebou then turned to me and said “Run there is no time to destroy the vessel. RUN..” I suddenly felt an energy surge through me and I ran out of the building. When I got outside the building exploded. And sank into the ground.

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