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The Endless Between[]

This journal, a camera recorder, and a voice recorder were found just outside of Restricted Zone 7-15-4-12-5-19-19. The journal kept up with the journey of the man who ventured into the zone, and the recorder was used as soon as he approached Zone 7-1-18-4-5-14.

Only individuals with a confidentiality rank of 7 or higher may read and access this. If anyone caught reading this is under rank 7, they will receive maximum punishment under code CU-92-3-56, which is life in federal prison or the death penalty.

If any questions arise, please contact James Sulivan, the commander and founder of this corporation.

[text starts here]

Entry One

I finally made it here to the restricted zone. Or, as common people call it, “The Endless Between”. No one outside certain government agents are allowed in here. Well, how did I make it over here? Well, I found a blind spot near fences that are heavily guarded. I've been watching this place for over a year, and I finally got through.

But why do people call it “The Endless Between”? Well, it's mainly because the only person who successfully made it out of that place said you can see the edges of the place; it's like a giant patch of a desert circle. On the outside, it has a diameter of around 20 miles. But once you enter, it's endless. Apparently, to that person, the longer and further you're in there, the more dangerous it gets. People have tried populating the area but were met with things like famine, bad weather, ravaging animals, or even simply horrible luck.

I plan on going through it, documenting the things I come across. If I don't make it out alive, at least everyone knows the rumors are true.

It's been around an hour, and I've been doing nothing but walking. I have three bags filled with food, water, and things to ensure my survival, like weapons, a tent, a bear trap, and I even bought a few survival guides. So I should be good for a while.

Entry Two

I set my tent up last night and made sure everything was secure. I kept my bags with me in the tent, making sure no one or nothing got to my stuff. But that’s not the interesting part.

A god spoke to me.

That might sound strange, but hear me out. I was half asleep when I heard whispers coming from outside the tent. I looked out and saw nothing. No one was there, but I kept hearing someone talk to me. It was saying something I couldn't understand, but eventually it started speaking to me in a way I could understand. It was a female voice, telling me she was some sort of god. She told me many bad things were to come and that I should persevere. She would give me answers. She promised me knowledge that would “take me from this plane,” whatever that means. I will persevere. I will make it.

I'm rationing my food to last a few days, maybe weeks. I started walking north as my compass directed me. I kept a gun in a holster attached to my hip so I could quickly draw it out in dire need. The more I ventured out, the more I saw abandoned homes, but not ordinary ones. They looked to be from the 1800s. I didn't dare go into the buildings, as I was afraid something could happen, looking at the past of this place.

I was walking for what seemed like eternity before the sun finally started to set. I set up my tent so I could get ready for the next day of walking. As I was attempting to sleep, I kept hearing two voices. One is telling me to carry on, and the other is telling me to turn back. I have no intentions of turning back. I will do as the apparent god told me to.

Entry Three

I had a surprisingly good sleep. I slept well, and I genuinely feel relaxed. I put everything away as quickly as I could so I could hurry my venture up. I continued north for a few hours, not really seeing anything except for the occasional cacti. It isn't really odd, as it's a desert, but weird, as it's on the south side of Colorado. I kept venturing, seeing or hearing nothing, just as I saw a hyena. It looked like it had rabies. It was foaming from the mouth, and as it saw me, it stared at me for a few seconds, then proceeded to charge at me. Luckily, I still had my gun, and I quickly shot the mutt. I kicked its body, and it felt empty. I’m not going to touch it with my hands in case of some disease carrying onto me, but it did seem weird that it felt light to kick for a fairly large animal.

(The video of the writer kicking the lifeless body is on the camera, along with a photo taped to the journal page of the dead body.)

I just walked the rest of the day. Nothing interesting really happened. It’s night, and I just set everything up, ate a little bit, and now I'm about to go to sleep.

Entry Four.

I had a strange dream. I had a dream where I was in this garden. It was endless, just a giant field of flowers. But I saw someone or something. It had a human body, but it was huge, looked sort of old, and had a corrupt look to it. It spotted me and screamed something in a language I couldn't understand. Then I woke up. It was weird, but I feel fine. I will get answers for all this before I leave, if I can. I promised the appernet god that I would, and I mean it.

I walked for a while, and I saw a temple. It was weird, as it looked like an Aztec one. It was large and sort of a moldy greenish color. I don't want to go near it, knowing this place would probably leave me heavily injured or even dead. I don't trust this place. After walking past it, I started to feel nauseous in a way. I kept walking on, and the feeling just sat with me. It doesn’t feel good at all. I can feel it still, like I'm getting sick over something. I'm going to keep walking, and I won't stop until I'm dead, I promise.

(A photo of the temple is apparently attached to the paper with a paper clip.)

Doing nothing but walking and looking around gets boring after a few hours, let alone four days. The days seem to be getting longer, and so do the nights. It's weird; the longer I go on, the more time starts to disorient. I think it's just the effect of this zone. I set everything up, and I kept hearing whispering. It didn't go away, and I never understood it. I tried to ignore it, but the more I took it off my mind, the pounder it got. I decided to lie down and write my nightly update. I'm going to try and sleep.

Entry Five

I had a similar dream. I was in the middle of a field of flowers, with an area of nothing but grass circling around me. I just stood there, and right before I woke up, I heard the voice of the god. It was only said to “ascend”. I don't know what she meant by that.

Also, I don't know if I referenced it earlier. I have a voice recorder that I brought, and I only plan on using it if I cannot write.

I woke up with the nauseous feeling from yesterday still lingering around. I really hope it goes away because, at this point, it’s just annoying me. I know this is from this place and not anything I've actually done. I plan on continuing my adventure by just walking through this zone so I can find answers. At least I'm documenting the things I see in case I come out alive.

I've been walking for a while now, and now I seem to forget some things. I was just walking, and I stopped because I just forgot where I was. It was strange, probably just me being here for too long. It only seems to happen very rarely, as it was a long time ago and hasn't happened again. I'll keep myself updated.

It's starting to grow nightly, so I thought of writing an update before I set everything up to sleep. I don't know if it's someone talking to me or if I'm going crazy. Probably not the ladder, as every time I hear them, I get a small shiver or goosebumps. It's happened a few times within the past two hours. I can no longer track time, though, because the watch I had started to bug out, like when you stop at the top of the magnetic pole with a compass.

I keep hearing voices; I took a recording of it just in case it wasn't only me.

*Audio recording as stated above comes back with no noise besides crickets*

I swear I'm not going crazy; something here is going on. I'm going to hit the hay and try to see if I can sleep.

*A second recording was taken, seemingly not by him; snoring can be heard as a whisper can also be heard.*

Flowers bloom, the plastic daisies are revealed, and you will all find everything is nothing but a lie.

*The whisper stops as nothing is heard for 5 seconds. Going back to the audio recording for a second time, nothing is heard but crickets and snoring.*

Entry Six

I feel refreshed in a way. I don't know, but I wake up feeling the best I ever have, like a feeling of pure bliss. The more I walk, the more the feeling grows. I love this feeling; I don't want it to go away. Unfortunately, though, I can hear more voices. It's all getting louder. But it's more positive. It's telling me to go on and ignore everything.

I feel more lightened up, I feel more energetic, and everything around that Yet I still have a slight feeling I can't get off of me. A feeling of fear. Something might happen, or what I’m being told isn’t right. I’m a little afraid of being lied to and tricked into some game. But I have a feeling of bliss and safety at this moment and time. I doubt something like that would happen, but it’s very possible.

I continued I’m for the day; nothing very strange compared to anything else I’ve encountered happening. Except for one thing. I was just walking, feeling slightly on edge, and I started smelling something. Like the smell of pure nostalgia. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact scent, but I know it's something. It’s gravitating me in a single direction, and I have some sense to follow it. I’ll start doing that.

It’s become nighttime, and something is off. I can see the planets in the night sky, like they are all closer now. I see a few planets and what seems like a rectangular box in the sky. It’s distant, but I can see the shape.

I tried laying down to sleep, but I don’t trust myself. In the way I feel, I’ve misplaced something, I’ve forgotten to do something, or I’m just putting myself in danger. The feeling grew only now. It feels like it’s fading, but I’m scared. I know it’s a stupid idea, but I will try to sleep it off.

Journal entries end here.

A clip from the voice recorder

I can’t find my journal. I slept everything off, but I woke up with my journal gone. I still have this and my camera, but my most important thing, my journal, is fucking gone.

I’ll just carry my stuff with me.

*A grunting noise is heard*

Everything looks more... White—not bright, but white. I want to explain it, but I can’t.

*This voice recording stops*

*a new one starts, followed by heavy breathing*

I… I saw her. I saw the god. I can still see her. She’s gesturing toward me.

The voice recording ends, only for the rest of the interaction to be recorded via camera.

The recording starts, and what’s seen is a humanoid, dark, and tall figure floating, emanating pure white light.

See her

He approaches the figure.

The figure proceeds to speak.

Welcome, Daniel. I know your treacherous journey of traveling here, so I will offer something.

The figure puts their hand out.

You can either take my hand and learn the truth, or you can turn back and live your life peacefully. You choose.

Daniel proceeds to speak.

Before I choose, who are you?

She proceeds to speak.

I am a god, not the god. You will learn with time. My name is Ay'Fyex; it’s what the other human agreed to call me, and it’s how you say my name in your language.

I’ll give you the choice again. Take my hand and learn the truth, or go back to your life.

Daniel proceeds to take her hand.

The camera glitches as he does, blacking out for 2 seconds and focusing outside the gate, where his journal and voice recorder are seen in view of it.

A few seconds later, a guard approaches the camera and calls for others.

The camera is then turned off

If a person by the name of Daniel C. Wardcliff is to be found and brought here immediately, Be on the lookout, as he might possess dangerous information that will compromise Armo-Lossie.

Later, details will be revealed to declassified level 7 employees.

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