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The Escape Room Stream[]

Ghoulayme joined the chat. AlphaNearly joined the chat. Lucky23 joined the chat.

Ghoulayme: Heyyy, guys! (:

AlphaNearly: Hey, @Ghoulayme! You ready for the stream?

Lucky23: I’m ready! I wonder what’s taking him so long?

Ghoulayme: Oh, wait, he just turned on his camera!

Ghoulayme: ...wait, guys, what’s this stream about again? I forgot— #smh

AlphaNearly: He’s going to this escape room called The Abandoned Prison. Supposedly it’s very popular.

Lucky23: Sounds fun tbh!

AlphaNearly: Yeah, hopefully he’ll be able to make it out lmao (I heard it’s really hard)

Yo, what’s up, everyone, and welcome back to another FlashProductions stream! Tonight, I’m gonna be checking out this awesome escape room called The Abandoned Prison. The owner of the place has been so nice to let me film my experience, so kudos to him!

Also, if you’re wondering, I’m right in the lobby as we speak. I’m just waiting for the gamemaster to get over here…

Ghoulayme: H-holy hell!

Lucky23: Damn, it’s just the lobby and it looks lit already. How come I’ve never heard of this place?

Ghoulayme: It’s way out of town, from what I’ve heard. Never actually wanted to go, though. Escape rooms give me borderline anxiety lmao 💀

AlphaNearly: I feel you ;-;

Lucky23: It’s got one of those vibes you get from a horror flick, I suppose...

Anyways, I bet you probably know how escape rooms work: you basically have an hour to solve the puzzles and get out of the room. And since this is a horror-themed escape room, rest assured that there may be some jumpscares...sensitive users be warned, hehe!

Oop, here he is! Time to head on down to prison, folks!

AlphaNearly: Awwww hell yeah, this looks awesome!

Ghoulayme: Maybe they just took the basement and converted it into an escape room lol

Andddddd, the timer starts now! Alright, now here’s a job for you guys watching out there. You all get to help me solve the puzzles! Just go ahead and type in the chat what you want me to do. But first…

Lucky23: Okay, he’s giving us a panoramic view.

Lucky23: Uhhhhh...wait, there’s something in that toilet. Go check it out.

Ghoulayme: Ewwww, did they really stick a screwdriver in there?!

Lucky23: I think the toilet’s fake, so it should be fine. Pick it up!

AlphaNearly: Check the night table.


Ghoulayme: Looks like there’s a box there that needs to be screwed open...use that screwdriver you got.

Ooh, thanks guys! So I got the box open, and there’s two pieces of paper inside. Here, I’ll let you guys take a look.

AlphaNearly: So the smallest paper says, “Take the shortest path possible,” and the other one says, “H → E → L → P.”

Lucky23: “HELP”? Sound cliche to me ngl-

There are also two flashlights in here...and one of them is that ultraviolet type, sweet! Let’s get cracking, we have 50 minutes lef—

Woah, what’s that sound? There’s a door in the corner I didn’t notice and it’s rattling…

Ghoulayme: Wow, uh…

Lucky23: I guess you should just...uh...get on with the puzzles…


You need to leave, now! It’s not safe here! They know you’re in here, and they’re going to kill you...I only just managed to escape, but they know I came to warn you. You need to get out!

Haha, dude, I just got here—

Do you really think you’re just in a regular escape room?! They got you here for a reason! It doesn’t matter whether you solve everything or not, you’re still going to die! ...shit. I’ve taken too much time. I need to leave and so do you! If you have any sense, just go back the way I came and never come back here…

W-wow, uh...heh...that was interesting...back to the puzzles, then?

AlphaNearly: God, that seemed pretty real…

Ghoulayme: Why did he mention the escape room, though? That’s kind of specific for an actor.

Lucky23: But it’s original, no?

Ghoulayme: ...yeah…

AlphaNearly: We can talk about that later.

Whew! Uh, alright. What do you guys think we should do?

Ghoulayme: Use the ultraviolet flashlight, and...shine it around ig?

Lucky23: THE FLOOR

This is a WIP. I'm sorry I couldn't get a completed draft out. I hope I haven't angered the creepypasta gods.

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