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The Fun For All Project[]

The following is a series of journal entries by an investigator who goes as "Trevor". This post in its entirety was posted to the internet in 2021 and was quickly lost. This is a reupload of the journal entries.

August 28 2021

I don't have all the answers about this yet, but I'm recording anything I find here. I'm not using my real name, but you can call me Trevor. I'm an investigator. Recently a hiker stumbled upon the corpse of a man identified to be James Grimes, the creator of an independent kid's show called Timbo The Elephant. Apparently the show contained footage of child murder, really fucked up shit. I had heard about the case a few times, but I just considered it to be over and done with. The 'real' police (i'm not technically on the force) had cordoned off the maintenance shed where James' body was found by the time I heard of it, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out. The wonders of a press pass, eh? I learned that the police had found fingerprints everywhere, identified as belonging to James Grimes, Callum Richardson, Mary Smith, Jonathan Smith, and Kenneth Michaels. The latter four are children that Grimes is known to have killed on his show. There was a sixth party, however, another set of fingerprints that couldn't be identified. They were found chiefly all over the rug that James Grime's body was wrapped in. Yes, he was found wrapped in a rug. That means somebody wrapped him in it. Also, the feces found in the maintenance shed was fresh. Disgusting, but an important piece of evidence. The current view of the police is that it was just some homeless guy living in there years after James Grimes and the Timbo shit happened. But it's my job to think outside the box. I'll do a bit of research and come back to you all later.

August 31 2021

I've been researching the old Timbo show and I think I might have a lead. The company that originally aired Timbo back in the late 90s, Happy Neutron, tried to destroy all evidence of the show, so real copies are hard to come by. Luckily, I got in contact with the hiker that originally found James' body, and he gratuitously gave me his Timbo DVD and a link for a site about the show. The DVD wasn't much help, every episode after the first is just a black screen with a message from Happy Neutron telling the viewer to destroy it. The website, on the other hand... Long story short I found that James Grimes had hosted a 'Meet Timbo' event. The link is redundant now, but using the Wayback Machine I found a 2003 version of the site with the link intact. There's a wall of text which I will transcribe for you.

"Hello children and friends to Timbo. I am James Timbo (James Timbo was the name Grimes gave himself as an alias) and I am sure you wish to meet Timbo. I believe in fun for all and if you do too, go to (coordinates) and come into the cellar. Timbo is waiting for you. I am waiting for you."

I'm not putting the coordinates on here for obvious reasons. I did check them, however, and they led to the maintenance shed where James Grimes' body was found. When I checked there, I found no sign of a cellar. It was nearly 1 in the morning but I decided to grab my coat and head out to the crime scene. There were only a handful of officers there, but they were eager at the prospect of a new lead. I soon found a trapdoor underneath the makeshift toilet, and managed to pry it open with a jimmy bar I had in my car. What I didn't expect is for some hanging shotgun trap thing to nearly blow my fucking head off. When the dust cleared, and when the initial shock had worn off, we (me and the officers) ventured into the cellar. There was a workbench with some metal sticks and bits of green fur on it. On the wall next to it were pictures of Callum, Mary, Jonathan and Kenneth, the kids James killed. There was some kind of logo made of wood hanging on the wall, but it was clearly unfinished. "FUN FOR" was all I could make out. After exploring the room a little more, I found the hand and forearm of a costume. The green fur was obvious - this was part of some Timbo costume. We couldn't find the rest of it. There was a faded message on what I hoped wasn't dried blood. "TIMBO HAS COME ALIVE". I waited in my car while they called reinforcements. From the corner of my eye I could swear I saw something watching me from the trees. September 2 2021 In the past few days the detectives have found a lot. Firstly, they matched the unknown fingerprints from the rug to that of the costume hand. The implications are not good. Secondly, they found a VHS tape in a compartment under the floor. Because I'm apparently the only one in this day and age with a VCR, they gave it to me to study. "FUN FOR ALL" was written in black sharpie, beside a crude drawing of an elephant. On the back there was a date, 15/4/00. I started playing it and was greeted by horribly distorted footage of the cellar from last night, in slightly better condition than before. A green elephant costume head was sat on the workbench, presumably another part of the Timbo costume. A weird voice could be heard, like a grown man imitating a child and then pitching it down again. It said the following:

"My name is James Timbo. I have always dreamed of a world where all children can have fun. Fun for all. Now this dream can come true for you all. With the Fun For All Project." The tape cut to the interior of some kind of building. It was filled with cobwebs and black mold, but some attempt had been done to clean it up, adding splashes of red and green paint and hanging a creepy clown mask over the doorway. The Timbo puppet stood in the center, operated by obvious plastic rods. Timbo spoke in a similar voice to who I assumed was James Grimes, but more muffled. "Here at our wonderful sanctuary every day will be a wonderful day. Everyone here will have fun. All. If you watch the show Timbo The Elephant you will find it." Suddenly there was another cut, joined by a horrible electronic buzzing. Garbled text flashed on the screen, but I paused it and wrote it down. It was clearly some kind of code, and I cracked it pretty quick. It was Caesar cipher with a shift of 9, and the translated message was as follows. "56 OLD PARK STREET NICOLASIWILLWAITFORYOU" I looked up the address, and it led to an abandoned warehouse. That's clearly the place to go next, but I can't any time soon. The name Nicolas... I can't find any connection with that.

September 16 2021

After the police came to the realisation that the fingerprints matching with the costume hand meant that somebody in a Timbo costume was living in James Grime's old residence years after his death, they became a little more 'invested' in my work. Me and a non-uniformed police officer were sent to 56 Old Park Street to check out the warehouse. We drove slowly around the building, and I noticed that it was covered with graffiti of green elephants or the phrase 'FUN FOR ALL'. The front door was clearly chained up but there was a back door with a spray-painted image of Timbo on it.

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