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The Golden Crow Amusement Park[]

(This Story Is A Work In Progress And I Hope You Enjoy And Leave Some Feedback So I Can Make It Better!)

September 4th 1992

Charlie Walked Closer To The Rusted Metal Gate, A Cold Blue Wind Blew All Around. Charlie Thought To Himself "This Is It... I'm Finally Doing This." He Looked Up, The Old Rusted Crow Head With A Train Conductor Cap On The Top Of The Pillar To The Left Of The Gate And The Golden Ferris Wheel On The Right Pillar. Charlie Looked Down And Then Around, He Then Spotted The Thing Allison Told Him About! The Hole In The Wall You Could Say... He Walked Over, Crouched And Looked Down Under, Then He Stood Up, Threw His Bag Over The Fence And Then Proceeded To Crawl Down Through The Hole. It Was A Tight Squeeze But He Made It, He Looked Around And Then Grabbed His Bag. It Was Around An Hour Until Sunset, So He Made His Way Deeper Into The Park.

-Sometime Later-

Charlie Walked Around For A Bit. Looking At All The Old Vandalized Carnival Game And Posters The Prizes Were All Missing And Some Cigarettes Littered The Ground Along With Broken Glass And Other Things. He Saw The Poster Of The So-Called "Raven Man" Who Wore A Costume As The Crow Head He Saw Earlier, Except Without The Conductor Cap And Regular Blue Sneakers Replacing The Black Rubber Boots. The Poster Made Charlie Remember Why Everyone Was So Afraid Of The Park

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William See (talk) 01:20, 18 June 2022 (UTC)[]

This is little more than an intro for a story, and to boot, its filled with run on sentences (too many commas; not enough periods), every letter is capitalized, and there are too many micro details for every little action. Flesh out a full draft and check for grammar before we can review this upload.