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==House of Horror from The Amusement Park==

It was at the beginning of October my parents decide that we can go do to amusement park for Hallween,of course it was my first time that I was going so it exciting as we all go there"This would be fun!"say my brother as we go to the car all togheter,"Don't forget kids,if you got problems or lost don't talk to strangers and go to the near security office in the area got it?"say my mother to me and my brother as our father take the wheel of the car.

As we finally arrived we got out of the car as our parents as I was looking around my parents were with us at that moment and we always stay close to eachother,as we walk I see something in corner of one of the ride it seemed like the figure of a man with a old clown costume wearing like a flat cap and vintage clothes like the nineten centuary,I got a bit nervous as it was watching me and this really make me uncomfortable as it scared me as he look at me with the most creepy smile on his face. "Guys,did you see that man?"I asked my family as they all looked toward the ride I was pointing "What wrong? what did you see?"ask my mother as the man was not there anymore like he vanished threw the air,this put a chill on my body as I was scared wondering where he go and then said"I see a man with a clown costume but he was not like the clown we see today!" as my family looked around the amusement park,"It was maybe an emplyee of the park who decide to put an old costume?"say my father i assumed that he was right but still that got me really scare and it did make me uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

We then continue threw the ride with all halloween decoration as my brother finally proposed "Can we go to the haunted?" my parents agreed to this so do I because we always done this first before going to other attraction,as we waiting in line something then make shaking in fear alike someone was watching us from the bush,but I assumed it was a bird or a squirrel without even wanted to investigate what it was,so,I decide to stay with my family as we came to the door of the haunted house it was spooky as all the animatronics were talking and gesturing with some creepy vibe on them. Then I see him again this time he was on the side of one of the door I got scared and wanted to hide as he approached "Well well,you want to try to spooky adventure?!"he said as my parents and brother talk to him about the house and he then tell the story of the house that might be made up for a storyline,has we go there we did hear the clown tell us "Good luck hope you're survive the torture!" as he make the most terrifying laugh,this wasn't even funny as I was very scared but everyone thought it was just a joke sure I'm a teenager myself like my brother but this was no joke and was very strange as we walk in the haunted.

Some anymatronics did scare me as I scream and some scare actors too as we all see them but something didn't feel right in their voice and their clothes was like all from the old day,my familt still think it was funny and cool but I didn't even think it was funny these people creeped me out why are they like that,soon as we continue our walk some wall were cover in blood and some bodied some rotten in vintage clothes and other in modern clothes that look like dead people who was tied to what look like big carnival fortune wheel.

As I looked at it something did feel right because same if it was supposed to be props some of the corpse who was full body and decapitated one looked very real same the rotten one as some horrible smell got to my nose and the same man with his clown costume was there laughing like a maniac with an axe in his left hand with blood on it,I stopped my family and point at one of the wheel then I see a teenage boy open his eyes and a bit of blood in his mouth as he lift up his head looking in fear and then looking at us with a pleading look in tears,"Please help me!"he say that where we see something was wrong as my father approaching the boy as he slipped on some blood who dripped from another teenager who was already death assuming it was his friend,my father almost get sick at the smell of the blood as he finally reach the boy the man then turn around and say "Nooooo,DON'T YOU DARE!"he screamed as he was about to use his axe to attack. He then also slipped on the blood and my father untied the boy and we all run to get out of this place the boy hoodie and pants was cover of his blood dripping from his mouth as all employees see it,they call an ambulance and the cops as we explain to them what just happen they decide to go check but they find no one in there but say that what everyone belived to be props was actually real dead people,much to the horror of everyone fortunately we did find one who did survive that tragedy,when we all return I was shaking in fear now knowing it was real body and not fake one during the night I did not sleep well still scared by the event of today. The next mourning when I wake up my family was having break fast,then the phone ring has my father answer he ask my mother to open the tv to look at the news as she did,to our shock we discover on the news that some insane inmate escape from jail and disguised themselves as horror character for amusement park to kill people and make them look like haunted house halloween props. So,next time you go to the haunted house of a amusement and see this guy in clown costume run and call the authorities before you or someone became victim of this maniac.

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I try my best to do it right and correct some english is not my first language but i try to make it right,same if its that good but hope that it will be accepted if not well i would try again ~~Solonor1987 ~~ }}