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The Invasion of The Thin Ones. (draft1, Unfinised, unreviewed)[]

Invasion of the Thin Ones

By Clover “FlegPeg” Varela

The fourth.

Chapter one - First Contact

October 27th 2032

Voyager 1. Endlessly looping the golden record. Floating in space. Waiting. Flying through the stars in peace and prosperity. But it misses its only friend, Voyager 2. It wishes it could have said goodbye. But, out in the distance it could see something. A Spaceship? No it can’t be. But it sees One, and One sees it. The craft flew to One and picked it up.

“Ma’am you might wanna see this.”

“What is it?” Dr. Brögovich responded.

“Voyager 1 just stopped”

“It’s been flying in the same direction for ages- could it be?”

“Could it be what ma’am?”


Dr. Brögovich stepped closer to the giant screen in the room, showing One’s distance from earth, the counter is stopped. “Five bucks it’s aliens” Dr. Brögovich betted to Dr. Randall. “You’re on!” Everyone in the room stared at the counter. It’s been idle for ten minutes now. The engineers say it’s working perfectly. Then, ‘’Beep!’’ The counter went down a meter. Everyone’s jaws dropped, including Dr. Brögovich’s. ‘’Beep!’ Another meter. ‘’Beep! Beep! Beep!’’ “It’s coming to earth!” Dr. Randall said and gave her a five. Soon the room became a concert of beeps, becoming louder and faster. Dr. Fry already told the president. The ship landed in Washington DC about twenty two minutes later.

People all gathered around the massive ship. The ship was about as wide as Central Park and as long as the Empire state building. It looked like if you stacked twelve Big Bens ontop of eachother non neatly, it was painted grey with purple indents. It must have had a million guns on it. After the ship landed it just sat there idly. Then a giant door on the side of the ship opened, Then out came an alien, the first in recorded history. It had a purple robe with a yellow stripe down the middle. Its skin was fleshy red. Its skull was like that of a humans, but they had giant back skulls. It made the cranium look like an egg with the bottom of the egg the back of the skull. Its eyes were giant and bug-like. On its wrist was a device which was painted purple and gold. There was a bright blue fluorescent light on it which was probably a screen. Behind it came probably thousands of the same species, but they wore all grey robes and they all wielded golden spears with a blue tip. The purple one tapped the device and it made a horrible ringing sound for a second. “We are the Kha’ Ra, We have come to Earth for the festivities it provides.” The one in purple said “But first we want to see the leader of this New World. This is where he lives, yes?” The president approached the alien. Cameras flashing like a laser show. “I’m the leader of the world. Yes.”

“It’s an honour. The nation of Kha’ Ra is happy to come to earth.”

The President took out his hand for a shake with the leader. He accepted it.

“I’m Ro Ta.”

“And I’m Rick Farley.”

The Nation has accepted the Kha’ Ra in. The Kha’ Ra Assimilated into society, The first years humans were weary, but over time the first Kha’ Ra was hired in a Wall-Mart in 2032. That Wall-Mart became a historic site. After that the first Kha’ Ra died of old age in 2034. They were okay with them studying him. His organs were surprisingly human, so was his skeletal structure. Except some oddities, especially that they were excessively thin. His blood was Yellow. The Fleshy Red skin is really an exoskin. Underneath is even redder skin. That’s where his Genitals were. But unlike humans they have muscles to contract it inside the body like a plane with landing gear. He had three stomachs like a cow. Inside them was Domino’s Pizza. According to other Kha’ Ra, Dominos was now one of their favourite foods. His lungs were unusually human. He had five kidneys and two livers. Man can party.

The findings were donated to schools when the first Kha’ Ra children attended human schools in 2037. Females and Males were indistinguishable from each other. The first Kha’ Ra baby born on earth was in 2037 as well. Her name was Ura Ik. Then in 2039 the first Human Kha’ Ra Interspecies baby was born.

His name was Tobias Ra. He looked more like a Kha’ Ra but his skin was more human and orangey. Tobias was the first Interspeciesies and first Kha’ Ra to join the army. He went through the same training as a human. He was given his Grandad’s Laser beam. The weapon was small, lightweight, and grey with purple lining. There was a colour code for every weapon in the planet Fradix. Purple meant royal guard. For the Kha’ Ra Pharaoh. Etched into the laser was “Koo gaf nah ta ma ta”. Which in English translated to “For we are the chosen, and they are not”. They meant the enemy. The gun was big enough to be held with two hands, and heavy enough to not be able to be held with one. The corps let him use it.

Chapter two - War with China

November 3rd 2043

Dear Humanity - In 2043 China declared war on the USA. They put one of those Kha’ Ra guys in our platoon. At first I was sceptical, but that guy sure as hell killed every single one in sight. He fired some purple laser thing at those commies and they just reduced to ashes. Through the boats, planes, and tanks! The troops got it the worst. I could hear their screams of agony every second. We instantly won the fight in California, they didn’t even scratch Santa Cruz. They instantly retreated for Oregan to flank California. But with the small amount of resources they lost. They lost in Alaska and got pushed out of Canada. They retreated and we got shipped to Shanghai. Once in the city of Shanghai our four man squad went guns blazin’. Me, Joey, Marcus, and the Kha’ Ra. That laser cut through skyscrapers. Crushing troops and sadly, civilians. In about seven months we took Beijing and decimated east China. So, my dear readers of this letter to human kind. I am Owen Woods, leader of the Wolfpack Squad, and I’m here to say. Don’t fuck with Tobias Ra, The Black Void.

Chapter Three - The beginning of the end

April 12th 2045

Breaking news: “The air force reveals that more aliens are coming. The President of the United States says this:” “We got lucky with the Kha’ Ra being friendly, but I don’t feel so good about this one.” The Reporter ran to the leader of the Kha’ Ra, who was chilling in the Oval Office and just came out.

Sir this is bad. Those aren’t Kha’ Ra.”

“What do you mean Ro?”

“I mean those are our rivals, the Bak’ Not!”

“You never told us about them!”

“Cause’ I thought they all died in the destruction of Fradix!”

“Get the air force primed!”

“You need more than that, you got nukes right? NUKE THE SHIP NOW BRO!”


Norad received the order and went to Defcon 1. Everybody received the Defcon and went to 1 themselves. The United States fired the first directly into the course of the ship. The anticipation was real. The missile was about 80 miles away from the ship. The world all collectively stopped and watched it go up. Then the ship unveiled itself. It was five times bigger than the last one. It manipulated the tides, making huge floods around the world. So far it has covered past Charlotte, North Carolina. The nuke was about to hit then the ship zapped it with a laser, the bomb still damaged it a bit but not enough. The entire air force was sent against it. Then Russia fired its nukes. The nukes targeted the craft. For a moment the entire world collectively was set on one goal, destroy the ship. Spain, The Uk and France sent their armies, Pakistan and India sent their nukes. Mexico sent its army, The Us sent its army and alot of their nukes as requested from Ro Ta. The ship blocked alot of their hits but was severely damaged. The ship went down in the Atlantic ocean, acting like a bridge to America and Africa. The world cheered. But what was to come wouldn’t make them cheer one bit.

Chapter four - Letter from a old friend

April 12th 2052

Dear Humanity - It’s been seven years since the end began. Blood, death, and guts everywhere. My friends, it’s been seven years exactly. And we are dying. The Kha’ Ra still help us, Infact Tobias is next to me polishing his laser. We’re like Brothers in arms. Tobias made me a laser of my own. We’re hiding out in some rural town in California from the 1950’s. Ancient, right? Some place called Madera.

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