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22 November 2023

11 November 2023

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3 November 2023

  • curprev 14:0214:02, 3 November 2023Buddy You Aint Got That Style talk contribsm 2,739 bytes +4 Definitely won’t recommend large bodies of text. Also, this seems unfinished, which I would definitely not recommend if you are thinking of posting on the main site. Unfinished pages are not allowed and will be deleted, so take caution of that. Hope you keep writing! Tags: Source edit Mobile edit Mobile web edit
  • curprev 05:3205:32, 3 November 2023RedStar2000 talk contribs 2,735 bytes +2,735 Here's the prologue. If it's still not acceptable, as I'm still working on the encounter story and the synopsis from the story itself, I'll just keep it to myself. Tag: Source edit