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The Leather Doll[]

Note: This draft is by User:Rxndigo.


Warning: Strong Language, Grammar (Purposely) 

On Thursday, November 15, 2001, 17-year-old Gabriel Valdez was announced dead. His body was found in "The ██████ Forest" - floating in the forest's lake. Police investigate the crime scene, they didn't find anything else except for Gabriel's notebook and a brown leathered doll. The doll's face is worn off, flakes of leather collapse the minute it made contact with the hands. The police take the notebook to the station, thinking there would be an explanation for Gabriel's death. Below is his notebook.


Sunday, November 4, 2001

What I found so far while hiking: Robins, Golden Leaves, and Nature stuff.

There really isn't anything interesting here, wasn't even my idea to come here. But if I want to get a good grade tomorrow, I must do it. It's all about nature this year, "Nature is cool wowzers!". It's like the whole school hasn't seen birds and trees before, retards. The minute the teacher announced that we have to do a stupid presentation, the whole classroom turned into fucking a zoo. There is nothing interesting about nature. But, I must continue hiking, I don't want to miss anything important.


Monday, November 5, 2001

What I found so far while hiking: A lot of Birds, trees, leaves, flowers, berries, and a leather doll?

I found the doll while setting up the tent, right behind some bushes. It looks like it originated in the 19th century, but it looks brand new. I'm going to keep this doll, it's looks very valuable. Whoever lost this doll might be sad for sure, but you know what they say "Finders, keepers"! I'm naming my new friend, Louie.


Tuesday, November 6, 2001

What I found so far while hiking: Just People today

Louie wanted to show me his friends, so of course I agreed. Any friend of Louie is a friend for me! Louie told me that his friends are shy, but I didn't mind. But I finally met them, they smell weird but don't we all? I like their sense of fashion, their clothes look like human skin. We played ring-around the rosies, it was fun. But it's getting late and Louie's friends disappeared, he said they'll come back. I know they will.


Wednesday, November 7 2001

What I found so far while hiking: People sleeping on the ground

While me and Louie were looking for berries, we found a lot of people sleeping. Louie said to stay quiet, we don't want to wake them up. They smell like shit. They were swimming in tomato juice, well that's what Louie said. Louie is always right.


Thursday November 8 2001

What I found so far while hiking: Louie

I found Louie, we were playing hide and seek. I would count to 10 and find Louie, Louie is always in the same spot. He said he's too good at playing hide and seek and that he is just giving me a chance. I feel like a kid again. Louie said that tomorrow we will play the game again at night with his friends, he has the perfect hiding spot for me.


Friday November 9 2001

What I found so far while hiking: d̴y̴i̷n̸g̵ Lake

we are playing hide and seek now, louie said to hide in the lake tonight. he said that nobody would find us, i do what louie say, louie is very smart. im going in the lake now, ill write later, this is a perfect hiding spot


Police suspect that Gabriel's death was suicide, thinking he was mentally ill that time. But just in case his death wasn't suicide, the police put the leathered doll in a 10 x 10 x 18 doll display case. You may now find the doll in "The Bizarre and Haunted Antiques".

Leave Feedback[]

SomethingToDieFor said: I liked it! I like how Gabriel is in the forest because of a school project, sometimes story writers don't address why the character is in a forest. I'll give it a 10/10! 

Boomaster202 said: Idk, felt like a troll-pasta a little bit when it said 

"They smell like shit. They were swimming in tomato juice, well that's what Louie said. Louie is always right."

Also, it was pretty obvious what the plot twist was. "OOOOh look spoopy doll. OOOOOOH what is that? Is it a notebook? Oh here's what it says. What it says: Oh no a doll. oh, look people on tomato juice. ooh, I might as well drown myself. And then the police are like "Oh a doll drove him insane and told him to drown himself, and he did. must've been suicide. maybe improve the police's reaction and add more filler entries. Otherwise Great! 8.5/10 sorry if I seem rude, it is just the plot could be better, and my summarizing skills make it sound like he's stupid. Again, Great!

Link to Wikipedia page on Robert the doll -> Here

Also, I fixed some grammar that SHOULD be correct.