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The Medical Operation[]

The first sensation I felt as I woke was coldness, my body feeling like it was falling through a pit of cold glass beads. Everything felt numb, and I couldn’t move my limbs. I was bound to what seemed like a medical table. My vision was spotted and slightly blurry from the medical light shining brightly in my face. I tried to focus my vision repeatedly, wanting to look around properly. I couldn’t remember where I was before this, and my anxiety spiked as I looked around. The walls were a solid gray color, I couldn’t look down, I couldn’t move. I shivered slightly, the room felt freezing, close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I glanced to the left and saw a man, I was too tired and panicky to jump or flinch, my mind was thinking of all the wrong possible scenarios. The man looked occupied with something out of my field of vision. Then he brought up a small knife, and my body quivered, as my heart beat spiked, pounding against my chest, making my ribs hurt. The man brought the knife over to my exposed arm, teasing the skin protecting my vein, my eyes widened, I tried to speak but no sound came out. The man slowly brought the tip of the blade down my vein, blood welled up and flooded down my arm, I heard it hit a metal bucket, there were holes under me, the table was punctured, supposedly for this type of scenario. I watched as my own blood pooled out of my arm, I felt strangely detached from this surreal moment.

Once the blood had slowed, the man wiped off the small blade, I had thought he was done, but he soon walked over to the right side of the table, doing the same movements, cutting down my vein and letting the blood drip into the metal bucket. I didn’t feel the searing pain I originally thought I’d feel, I just felt a strange tingling sensation. The man didn’t look me in the eyes, he just watched the blood well up in a bright red river, transfixed. I felt myself become exhausted, the man noticed this too, but he didn’t stop stitching up my new, fatal wounds, even if he did, I doubt it would prevent anything. The man used the small knife to rip the small wound wider, then he set the knife down on a small white cloth, then he forced a gloved finger into the wound, teasing my vein, through the tingly sensations I felt, a sickening feeling formed in the pit of my stomach, my throat felt scratchy as I stared, unable to look away. My eyes started to flutter, but I stayed awake. The man hooked his finger under the long organ that desperately tried to keep me alive, but to no avail. I felt my breath hitch and falter as he brought the long string out of my arm, my skin quickly paled from the blood loss and I felt myself slip away from reality as my eyes drooped and I exhaled my last breath.

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