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The Neighbor's Twins[]

I woke up to the sound of my mom shaking my shoulder to wake me up.

“I need to take an emergency shift at the hospital. Since I plan to be back at 8 pm tonight, you’ll need to have lunch and dinner next door at Mrs. Carlson’s house. Be safe and I love you,” My mom said.

I am not a big fan of going to her house. She has two children who are about 6 years old. And every time I go there, the kids would stare at me with glowing red eyes like in some photographs. And Mrs. Carlson didn’t seem to notice. And when I brought it up, she would just say that it was my imagination.

I didn’t want to bring this up to my mom since I didn’t know how she would react.

When she left, I looked out my window and saw the two children staring back at me through the window of their room. This was what they did every night. I would always lose sleep because of this. My mom blamed my phone whenever I brought up my sleeping troubles.

They held up a sign. It was a sign that one would see at an average concert.

Come play with us. We are expecting you at 6 am. It read. It looked to be written in fresh blood.

They smiled at me and their teeth had fresh blood.

6 hours later

I seemingly forgot what happened. I shrugged it off as some sort of prank or hallucination.

The doorbell rang and I opened it. There was one of the girls.

“Remember your 6 am deadline?” She asked in a raspy voice that sounded like it was over a century old.

I was a bit surprised because I never heard her speak. We’d only communicated through sign language.

“Uhm, yes, I do,” I replied.

The clock stroke 6 am.

“Let’s go,” she said. We go over to the house.

“Look, I found Laura,” the girl told her sister.

“Great! We have enough people to play our favorite game,” her sister replied.

“Which is?” I asked.

“Hide and seek!” they both said at the same time.

That sounded easy enough. I hide and they both seek or they seek and I hide. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Except for the fact that their glowing red eyes from last night were still going which made me uneasy.

“Okay… are you two going to hide or should I hide?” I asked.

“You hide first!” one of the twins said. She’d been so enthusiastic about everything. They both had been.

“Okay,” I replied.

“We’ll count to 100,” the other twin said.

They started to count and I started to look for a place to hide. I thought I would be easy on them, but then I thought why not? Why not give them a challenge?

I hurriedly looked around the house until I found a little doorway. I opened it and it revealed a little room. The room was just big enough for me to squeeze in. When I entered, the door closed shut. It had a light switch and I turned it on.

Everywhere around me, I could see newspapers and photos. I picked one up and the headline said: 2 girls, Jane and June, missing for 2 weeks. Huh, Mrs. Carlson likes to collect newspapers and photos.

I put it down and waited until one of the girls said: “Ready or not, here we come!”

Minutes upon minutes passed by. I began to hear footsteps fall past the room I was hidden in. I felt a chill run through my spine and I could sense someone or something was watching me. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was suddenly in an abandoned room. I creaked opened the door and the whole house was just like the room. Abandoned.

Something slapped me awake and I woke up to the sight of one of the twins.

“We found you!” she said. “Yayyy, you found me,” I said.

“Now, we hide and you try to find us,” the other twin said.

“Alright,” I said.

I counted to 100. And when I was done, I started to go around the house, looking for them.

“Ready or not, here I come!” I shouted.

Usually, when I played hide and seek, I would hear giggles and “I bet she won’t find us,” however, this was different. The house was dead silent with no giggles in sight.

Eventually, I found them. However, they weren’t the sweet girls from earlier. They looked terrified.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Help us,” the first twin said.

“We are cold and we need help getting home,” the other twin added.

I chuckled a bit. They must be playing with me.

I brought them back inside and they were suddenly behaving like they were earlier.

“Have we ever told you that we love pink?” the other twin asked.

“No, you haven’t. What do you like about it?” I asked.

“It’s pretty,” the first twin replied.

“Well, did you know that it’s my favorite color?” I asked.

“No way!” the first twin said in astonishment.

“Yes way,” I said.

I felt the same chill as I did when I was in the room. I looked over to the twins and they didn’t seem to be phased. They just kept coloring. Normal 6-year-old behavior, right? Well, they were coloring with that blood-red color.

“What are you guys coloring?” I asked. “We are coloring our imaginary friends! Mine is named Suzie, like from Peppa Pig.” the first twin said.

“Mine is named Peppa!” the other twin said.

A few hours had passed. I completely forgot that my mom was in the hospital hospital. I thought I was babysitting. And this was pretty much just babysitting.

“Laura?” the first twin asked.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“How much to you like blood?” she replied.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, we don’t have any,” the other twin replied. “When they took us, we lost it.”

Many questions were circling in my mind. What in the world did she mean by they? Why don’t they have any blood? Why do they look hungry when they just had breakfast?

“Who do you mean by they?” I asked.

“3 m-men. They took us and we never saw our mommy again,” the first twin explained.

Suddenly, the lights turned off. And they became silent. When they turned back on, I wasn’t looking at 2 sweet little girls anymore.

“We have been expecting you,” one of the girls said in a James Bond voice.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“We always watch you. We’re always watching you,” the other girl replied.

Suddenly, the room was filled with hundreds of girls that looked exactly like them. I wanted to scream, but no sound came out. I wanted to run, but my feet were planted to the ground. I was frozen in place with nowhere to go and only thoughts to occupy my mind.

They all revealed bloody skin. The worst part? It looked like my blood. I felt a sharp pain in my back and I fainted.

When I woke up, I was on the couch. Mrs. Carlson was watching over me.

“Oh deary, you’re awake now. Your mom brought you over here before she left,” She said.

“Where are your kids?” I asked.

“What do you mean, Laura? I don’t have any kids, I live all alone,” Mrs. Carlson said.

Mrs. Carlson was asking if I needed anything for my back as I looked around the room. At the corner of my eye, I saw glowing red eyes staring at me and I felt shivers running down my spine.

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