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The New TV (Unreviewed)[]

There was a sale on TV, my old one was broken and will randomly shut off on it's own.. It was an old model from 1995 but it was sooo cheap. My TV exploded one day when I was watching a show. I went to the doctor and he said I was okay. I decided to buy a new TV but not one of those cheap ones, I hate cheap, poor quality products, why aren't they illegal?

I went to my local store and walk down the aisle. The store smelled similar to sardines and it was crowded like a big metropolitan city. Then, I saw a sign that has an arrow pointing left, below the arrow there were a list of items you can find in the aisle like TV's, remotes, pretzels, and even car engines.

I walk down the aisle and I saw many TV's they were all different colors like black or gray. They were models made during the 90's, some were made in the 2010's. I saw a sign that says, "NEW TV, watch 1M+ shows, Voice activated, Play any game or movie on it, only $69,000,000.00, I knew that was a bit expensive for a TV.

I picked it up and put it on my cart, along with Pretzels, remote control, Remote control batteries, and Pepsi.

I went to the check out, It was a long jounrey. I waited in line for what seemed like an hour, I checked the time and it was 10:05, it's been 5 minutes. It's been my turn, I put my items in the conver belt. The check out staff worker moaned in a concerned tone, "Oh, you got the new TV?"

She then paused and continued in a concerned tone, "My daughter got that TV, 18 years ago.. I haven't seen her.. not even the police could find her... she was home alone, no one came inside the house, and she was just watching TV and couldn't turn it off and it screamed...but the door was unlocked and I remember reminding her to lock the door.. Why doesn't she listen to me?"

I saw her smirking, I was confused how she was missing and why was she smirking after she said this horrifying backstory. I hope they find her.

I paid for the items which took a huge bite out of my bank account. I walk to my car and put the TV on the back of the car, and put the other items in the trunk. The TV had a black cover and it was 5'7. it even has a sticker that reads, "I am voice activated, no remotes needed, yes, really!" I then close the trunk and get in my car.

I then start driving. I drove and arrived at a four way intercession, When I pulled up to a red light. Something caught my eye. I saw a tall, at least 6'0 figure staring at me, it had red eyes and a mouth with razor sharp teeth. Then, I blinked and the figure started walking backwards, it quietly moan, "Yes."  Then, I saw a deer run across the street, it safely made it.

I got home finally and unloaded my stuff and put them where they need to be, I removed my TV and put the new TV in the where the other TV stood. I heard some tapping on the window and jerked my head to where the tapping was but there was nothing. I saw a raccoon eating a red apple.

Later, my other 3 friends came over for my friend, Cadance's birthday party. We ate cake and it was time to play Smash Bros so I showed them my new TV and we played Smash Bros. After hours later, Cadance was pretty tired so she ask, "Can we turn off the TV!" The TV shut down and a message in blood red appeared, it read, "DO NOT TURN OFF THE TV or Else!" Jane whined in a whinny tone, "What do you mean by 'or else' " Another message in blood red appeared, it read, "You'll see ;)"

Jane said, "Don't worry girls! it's just a hacker... remember when during the superbowl, the superbowl just paused and then a message that said that the zombie invasion will start in the year 2012, it's not 2012 anymore and it didn't happen.. I am going to sleep,"

She then groaned in an angry tone, "Tell that cunt to leave us alone!" Jane walked upstairs. I heard her mumbling about how she needs sleep and she has a job interview at a world famous company. I said, "That's not nice, Jane!"

Then, there was a scream in upstairs. Cadance ran upstairs. I followed suit, I wanted to know what happend. I found Jane was laying in a pool. Her body parts like her liver, heart (Which was still beating), purple kidneys ( I thought kidneys were purple), even her eyeballs and other parts were there. It smelled like sardines, garbage in a big city, and the durian fruit combined. On the purple wall, there was a message written in blood, it reads, "Warned you, I will come for you!" The heart was beating and the blood was on the floor and ruined my sheets. Jane's teeth were on the sheets too. Jane's head was on the nightstand, it had no eyes, and there was red and gooey blood on the face.

Then, there was another scream along with another person yelling and begging to listen to the TV. Then, Cadance said, "We need to destroy the TV and call the police!"

Cadance pulled out her phone and jerked her head to me and asked in a scared tone, "What is the number?" Before I could spoke though, She got electrocuted and fell on her back. I try looking for a pulse but their wasn't one, her heart stopped beating. I then got an idea.

I then walked downstairs and saw the TV a message showed up, it read, "Your friends are dead even the one who left!" a creepy face appeared on the screen.. A robotic sound said, "DOn't turn me off, I want all your electricity and be powerful and take over the world, every villain wants to take over the world." I walked over and pulled out an AK-47 and shot at the TV. It fell over the stand. I walked over and looked over to where the TV was lying. There were four bullet holes and the TV was static after 25 seconds, another message appeared on blood red, it reads, "This isn't over..." It then showed a picture of my neighborhood. Then, it shut off.

I decided to go buy another TV but I don't know why that TV didn't want me to turn it off.

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HopelessNightOwl (talk) 05:13, 11 March 2024 (UTC)[]

This draft suffers from numerous issues. First of all it needs a good proof-read, but beyond that the story itself is highly cliched, has many implausible moments, and is poorly thought out. It needs a complete rewrite to pass wiki quality standards.