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The Scarecrow (unreviewed)[]

Good house? Check. Outdoor space? Check. Good weather? Also Check. The whole rural area was a great place for John Smith. He would check out the whole outdoors around him, he gets to be more with nature, and no one will have to bug him all the time. The place was perfect for him. However, there is one thing that felt out of place for John, and that was the old scarecrow at the next door cornfield.

No one knows how long the scarecrow’s been around for, but it appeared to have been from either the early to mid 20th century. The face was brown and stitched, it wore a dark brown dress shirt with blue jeans, and a black hat. Everytime John looked at the scarecrow, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. Of course, it was probably just put up there by someone just to scare him, but that wasn’t the point. Something was really off about it.

But that wasn’t the only thing out there. There was also an old run down barn. John also felt uneasy about the barn, but not as much as the scarecrow. The barn had been abandoned for a while now. The paint was worn out, almost everything was destroyed on the inside, plus there were no animals inhabiting the place. On one hand, John wanted to ignore the things out there and continue on with his life, but on the other hand, he wanted to investigate the two things to see what their origins were, and why they were still out there. He decided to wait on it until he got the day off from his job at the local market.

One night, John had the day and night off from his job, and this was the perfect time to investigate. Starting off with the barn. He grabbed his flashlight, put on his shoes, and went out. But… this will be the biggest mistake that John will ever make.

As soon as he went to the barn, he stopped his tracks to examine the building. He never thought it would look creepy during the night, but that didn’t stop him though. He knew he had to find answers. And so, he walked closer to the barn, and slowly opened the door. It was pretty big, and had a lot of untouched hay on each stall. There weren’t a lot of stalls though, only about four. John continued his way into the barn to look for clues. He looked at each stall but found nothing, except for a picture frame. He picked it up, and the picture showed a married couple, standing outside the barn before it was abandoned. Were they the original owners?

John placed the frame down to explore some more. He then passes the stalls, and sees a desk with a few objects on it. More picture frames, a skull of a goat, and an old journal that had possibly been left behind. He went over to look at each object, starting off with the frames. The first one had a picture of the same couple, and this time, they were with what looked like a man, in a plaid shirt, and messy dark hair. He was probably their son. And John recognized the background, it was his living room. These people were the original owners of his house. He proceeded to the next frame, which showed an empty cornfield. The same cornfield which was next to the barn, and his house. Then John examined the goat skull. It had a couple dirt on it, and some stains that he couldn't really figure out. Finally, he examined the journal and opened it up. They mostly had records of animals, like cattle and chickens. The next few pages were mostly blank.

As John went to his right, he stepped on something wet. He brought his flashlight to the source and it was…. Blood? John couldn't believe it. Why was there blood in a barn? And the worst part was that it was still fresh. John wanted to leave, but he wanted to know where it came from. And so he followed the trail of blood as soon came to a stop. It led to a closet door that was closed. That's when John sees something that he'll never forget.

The closet door slowly opened, showing nothing but darkness, and as John shined his flashlight to the door, and there he saw it. The same scarecrow from the cornfield was somehow alive, and this time it had hands, wearing gloves, and feet that wore black combat boots. It also had blood stains on it, and things got worse from here… it held a head that had been chopped off, and eyes ripped out on one hand, and an ax with fresh blood on the blade on the other. John felt horrified by the sight. He's seen beheaded things before but not like this one. This was a murder. The scarecrow dropped the human head onto the ground, and began to speak.

“This poor fellow saw too much”, it said in a raspy voice, “and this is also what I'm gonna do to you next. But ‘why’ you ask? Well… it's because of you! This was my home, and you stole it from me! I used to live in that same house you live in now. We had many animals here at this lovely barn, but they're gone now. I never wanted to leave this place, cuz it was my comfort zone, my paradise, my life…. My life was perfect until they thought it would be a good idea to leave it all behind, and live in a stupid suburb. And after I heard the news about you buying my former house, I couldn't take it anymore, and so I used the scarecrow, and wore its skin and clothing at night, just to spy on you. And now that you're here, I'm finally going to have my vengeance!”

John slowly stepped back from the scarecrow, and the man kept silent. John only assumed that the man had the wrong person. That is, until he says this…

“You're going to pay for what you've done, John…”

The man swung his ax up and shouted, preparing an attack, he swung at John, who dodged the swing. He immediately ran out of the barn, having the man chase him. John went inside his house, and luckily for him, the man ends up tripping on a rock causing him to fall face front, and the ax slips from his hands. This was the perfect time for John to lock all the windows and doors, grab his phone, hide in his room, and call the police.

As time passed, the police arrived at the area, one half of them were in the barn, and bagged the beheaded victim’s head and body for further identification, and the other half were in the cornfield in search of the man, who had now disappeared. Meanwhile, John was sitting on the hood of an ambulance with paramedics examining him for any injuries. He had none. The police chief walked up to him and said “You made the right choice calling us, son.”

“Thanks”, John responded, “but I have a question. Earlier, I saw some portraits of this family at the same barn and my house, and that guy said that I stole all that from him. What does any of that mean?”

The police chief was a bit stunned by that sentence. He sighed and started to explain. He proceeded to say that the man might’ve been an individual known as Nicholas Stienfield, and that he lived at the house with his parents, Keith and Jennifer. They used to own cattle, pigs, chickens, and horses. Nicholas would get bullied at school, and the barn was the only place to get away from all the madness. If a tragic event ever happened, the barn would be the place for him. But one day, Keith and Jennifer decided to move out of town into the suburbs, and had to sell their animals for meat or auction.

“And boy”, the chief said, “Nicholas did not like that, let me tell ya. I wouldn't be too surprised if he wanted to commit a revenge kill on you.”

“How do you know all of that?” John asked.

“Well”, the chief continued, “I just so happened to be friends with Mr. Stienfield.”

John gets up as one of the police tells him to step aside, as they bring the victim's body into the vehicle. The chief gives John his card in case Nicholas was back again, so they can capture him.

Wherever Nicholas was, they will find him… One day…

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