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Authors note: Though this is a paranormal story it is not connected to "A Game to Remember." Wanted to make it clear. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Credit:CloverFieldXD (talk) 14:12, 6 May 2022 (UTC)Clover

The Silence in I Love You (Draft)

When you see a tiny fragile girl, most would think of flowers and puppies. Nine times out of ten you would be correct, but this case was something unworldly. I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t the girl I knew. The girl I knew had a beautiful face and an amazingly bold heart.

Irene was 5’0 exactly with made me feel tall being 5’7. She wasn’t the most popular, but everyone knew her. She was very beautiful so naturally she was well known. Everyone wanted a “Piece” of her, and I couldn’t blame them.

She had a very nice frame. She was a bit on the chubby side but that’s how I like my women. I’d be a liar to say I didn’t feel some type of way about her, but what really drew me in was her smile.

I used to be alone in this small excuse of a school. I would avoid everyone at the cost of my social life. I used to be known as the “Mute.” Which I was, I couldn’t speak.

I didn’t mind it, after all it kept the people away. That all changed when I seen her walking to me. It was a class change so everyone was in the hallways or heading to the other building for a class.

She greeted me with a wave, so I waved back with an awkward smile and a weak hand. I was confused why she was waving at me, but I brushed it off maybe she thought I was someone else. I am dark headed, and my hair is fluffy, like most people in this school.

I looked emo, or what people considered emo, so its not hard to get me mixed up. Though, to my surprise she was talking in sign language to me. This caught me off guard as I looked with shock, the movement of her hands seemed to be practiced.

“I seen you from over there and wanted to say hello.” I looked into her eyes; they were a stary glaze crème color. I started to move my hands but stopped myself. I was in astonishment and a bit of anxiety. I mustered up some courage after a few moments of silence. “Well, hello there. Irene? Right?”

She smiled wider and nodded her head. After that experience we started to hang out even more often. She was a delight to be around, but the horror was just starting. School wasn’t the same that day. I walked in and wasn’t greeted by Irene.

The aura seemed to be more grey than usual, and everyone looked half awake. I understand that it was the morning but even the coffee addicts were dead brained.

That’s when I saw her, no I saw “It” disguised as her. It walked in with her head down. I could tell something was wrong. She started to mumble! Her parents, friends, and teachers confirmed she was mute. I was scared because it didn’t seem like a language of this world.

That’s when the teacher stood up and started to scream like crazy. The high-pitched screams made my vision blur as I thought my head would explode. The teacher started quieting down as his chest was now exposed. He was digging into his body as he died from blood loss, and all his organs were pouring out of his body.

I looked around the room as I seem the kids at their desks headless with their brains being scattered everywhere. They still seemed alive; they were writing texting like they would always do. The room started to spin as I felt my stomach twist. No, the room was really spinning.

I don’t understand how or even why but the heads of children in a dim lighted area is not too scary, but these had their eyes sewn shut and jaws ripped off. Again, Irene’s body was at the front of the room cackling. I looked to her, and her head was spinning around and around digging out all her insides calling my name. “Ezra… Ezra… Ezra….” For a moment I could see her conscious as she mouthed the words “I love you.”

I opened my mouth trying to say something, but a terrible sound came out instead. She was smiling a genuine smile, but her eyes were no longer a crème color instead they were a blurred icy blue.

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