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The Sleep Creep[]

I was sick for a whole week and I had to quarantine in my room for as long as it takes until I wasn't contagious. Every other day, I'd feel a feel of unease or a draft of sadness or loneliness, which is common with people who have to stay inside for more than a week. But I have a feeling that the dreams my brain stirred up must've been the most unnerving part of quarantine of all. Was it because of me being sick? Was it because of something way more sinister? It started February 16th, 2023, where my Dad, who was taking care of me at the time, gave me a Covid test. It resulted as positive, which made me worry terribly of not my health, but his. This is when the sheltering began. The first few days were normal, though sometimes I would start to feel lonely or hopeless. Thank goodness, my Dad and I spoke through walkie talkies to talk to each-other from a distance with my door closed. He brought me food, water, treats, and anything that helped me through this. You get the drill, right? But one night, probably February 19th, I was drifting off to a slumber when I felt When I fell asleep, for a quick second, I swear this wasn't normal, but I could swear a hand, black, thin, pointy, reached out towards me to grab hold of me, but I fell asleep before I could see what the thing would do next. I remember that one dream. I was in the dark, running from something. The room felt humid and semi-claustrophobic. I felt the thing gain on me. Something told me to grind to a stop, so I did. I looked behind me, and something was there. A tall humanoid with thin hands and sharp fingers, its eyes were those of a human's instead it looked like they were about to bulge out of its small head. It had no mouth, but however it spoke, it did. The thing said to me in a deep, rattly voice, "Wake up." It said this to me several times, but something kept me from waking up, at around the 9th time he said this, I did wake up. I felt horrified, my heart raced, my mind was trying to comprehend with what I just saw. Whatever that thing was, I don't wanna see it again. That is why every night I pray that I never see this figure in my dreams again.

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