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The White Maze (Unreviewed)[]

“White… white… all is fucking white.”

Since I woke up there was nothing but complete brightness wherever I looked, save for my arms and legs. And then there was the eye-bleeding white light emanating from fucking everywhere, so even shadows couldn’t be cast, and it sure as hell didn’t help my hangover.

I didn’t have a clue how I’d gotten here, and even less of a clue how to get out. I wondered if I died and this was hell, which would be ironic, since you’d expect heaven to be this bright. I decided to stop thinking and try to find a way out.

As I walked further I could feel that there were walls, and there was obviously a floor beneath my feet. I tried reaching upwards with my arms and didn’t feel anything. Then I jumped, and I still couldn’t feel anything, but come to think of it, how often can you touch the ceiling in a regular building?

I continued onward with my right arm stuck to the wall, and I alternated between looking around, searching for anything other than white, and looking at my feet. That turned out to be a good idea.

I saw something small on the floor, and as I looked closer I realised it wasn’t small, it was far downward, and more importantly, there was no floor floorward, which meant you could fall down to your death here if you weren’t careful. And that’s exactly what happened here.

That small thing turned out to be a person, most likely dead, with blood splattered around them. Having nothing better to do I stared at them for a while, only for things to get from bat to worse.

The corpse appeared to be eaten bit by bit by some unseeable thing. Seeing this I turned and started walking at a moderately fast pace, to avoid falling down a pit, but still get further away from that thing.

“Well if you can die here, at least it’s probably not hell.” I said to myself. And then I got the shits. It must’ve been what I ate that night.

As I was shitting my guts out I started hearing footsteps, more than two. I barely got my pants up as I started sprinting, not caring if I fell. But something strange happened. After a few dozen meters the footsteps stopped, and I looked back. My shitstains started to disappear.

“So It’s trying to keep the place white.” Then I got an idea.

I fumbled my way into finding an intersection and I threw my jacket one way and walked the other. The plan seemingly worked as I saw the jacket being eaten, then after it finished, the footsteps got further.

As I continued, a terrible realisation came to me. I was getting thirsty, and my diarrhoea sure as hell wasn’t helping. After about three shitting sessions I finally saw something. It was a human corpse. A woman to be precise, with blood circling her. Those bloody pits. She didn’t have a backpack or anything on her. I wasn’t that lucky, but I guess a corpse would do.

I heard you can survive on blood in the absence of water, but I wasn’t quite thirsty enough yet, so I decided to “camp” near the corpse and maybe get some sleep. First I used the intersection tactic, but with shit, to hopefully avoid getting eaten in my sleep, then I left the real world.

I didn’t get much sleep, which was intentional. My misdirections could only give me so much time. Thankfully none of the shitstains were missing, so no creatures around. Then I realised it was time to do the unthinkable.

I tried to reconsider, maybe it was not just humans being sent here, maybe I could find a dog or something. But this place was so vast I couldn’t be sure I could find even another human in a reasonable time frame.

I didn’t have anything sharp, and neither did she, so I had to bite into her like an animal. FIrst I bit into her neck and I leaned her upside down against the wall. It all felt perverted, but I did what I had to do to survive.

Now that I had drinks covered I realised I probably won’t find anything else to eat anytime soon so, again, I did what I had to do.

After I was full, I took her jacket and put it on my back so I had something to throw at one of those things, and went on my way.

My diarrhoea was gone, thanks to all the gods, but I was still lost in this white damn maze. It was impossible to keep track of time here, and I slept only when I was completely exhausted. It’s been hours of endless walking, days even, and nothing but white. All while stepping carefully, not to end up like those unfortunate two. Then I saw something in the distance.

It was a man. He was completely naked. “Help me!” he screamed. “A Janitor is after me!”

And then I heard splashing, and in an instance he was being engulfed in whiteness. I threw that woman’s jacket at it and sprinted.

I tried to do the intersection trick again, only for my other shoe to fall down a pit, and the splashing started getting closer and closer. In response, I leapt over the pit. The splashing noises then ceased, but I soon heard similar sounds coming from the pit, albeit more distantly, and then they were gone.

“This has got to be a joke! I finally found someone alive here, and he's immediately gone?” I shouted to myself.

What did that guy say? Janitor? That's what the people here call these things? I mean it kind of makes sense. Also that thing seemed different from the previous one. That latter seemed bug-like, while the former was more like a blob, and also it was much faster.

I continued thinking as I walked onwards, hoping I might find more people, and hopefully alive ones.

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