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The Womanly Corporation Archives (draft, needs review)[]

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Welcome to Womanly Corporation, the leading pioneer in making the world more woman-forward and woman-inclusive (we're kind of the only pioneer right now)! Don't worry, we're definitely not trying to take over the world with women, that'd be silly!

Message from archives developer: Please ignore the previous message. We're trying to be professional here. Weirdly enough, I can't seem to REMOVE anything from the archives. So just ignore it. The Great Experiment is perfectly safe and will not have repercussions such as "world domination." We're not lunatics.

Subject 001 Transcripts[]


After injecting Subject 001 with the test Substance W, we have achieved great results and success. After years of trying to create a perfect womanly substance, we have done it.

Subject 001 began to change noticeably ten seconds after injection. The subject’s hair lengthened, his body began to become more slender, and his facial structure became more feminine. After ten more seconds of metamorphosis, Subject #001 was now a woman. Interestingly, the subject looked like a clone of our good Ms. Sarah Allure.

In the way of internal effects, the subject’s voice had increased in pitch. The subject expressed mild surprise, but was otherwise stable and remembered everything about himself/herself.


Enclosed is a transcript between Subject #001 and Subject A2 during their first encounter.

A2: ...Derek, is that you?

001: Uh, yeah, totally. Why are you looking at me like that?

A2: Dude, you’re a fucking woman.

001: So?

A2: So it’s weird!

001: Eh, maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe they can turn me back later.

A2: (places head in hands and sighs) You are literally the opposite gender now. You can’t possibly be saying it isn’t bad.

001: Fred. My dude. I’m fine, I’m alive. That’s enough for me.

A2: Jeez, fine.


Strangely, Subject 001 seemed to be experiencing some behavioral changes in his/her next encounter with Subject A2. Enclosed is the transcript from this encounter.

001: Hey Fred!

A2: You seem awfully chipper today. But hello to you too.

001: Okay, so like, I was thinking…

A2: ...what?

001: Wouldn’t it be so funny if we were, like, both women? That would just be the funniest thing ever, right? (giggles)

A2: Uh, I think I would pass. No offense, but I kinda like being a man.

001: Ugh, being a guy is so boring! C’mon, it would be so fun...

A2:’re acting really weird, Derek. (addressing the scientists) Is he supposed to be acting this way?

???: Just hang in there, A2. If you’re in any danger, we’ll send in some guards.

001: Why would you send in guards?

A2: Dunno, just in case you suddenly attack me or something. Let me repeat: you’re acting weird, Derek.

001: Who’s Derek?

A2: What?

001: What?

A2: Uhh, no comprendo, dude! The fuck do you mean “who’s Derek”?

001: No, really, who is Derek? He sounds hot. (giggles, louder)

A2: That’s your name! Your name is Derek! And did you just call yourself hot?

001: Oh, silly Fred. Have you forgotten? My name’s Daniela.

At this point, the conversation was stopped and Subject A2 was escorted away.


The final encounter.

Subject A2 was sent to talk with 001 again, but this time with a list of questions to ask her to test her memory. Enclosed is the transcript.

A2: Yo, uh...I have this list of questions I’m supposed to ask you. Yeah.

001: Go right ahead and ask them, sweetheart. (smiles widely)

A2: ...what the actual fuck. Anyway, what’s your name?

001: Daniela.

A2: Are you sure?

001: Why would I not be sure?

A2: You know what? Forget it. Next, where do you live?

001: I live here.

A2: Where is “here” supposed to be?

001: This place, obviously. I didn’t know you were so dense.

A2: Wait, what? You live in New York!

001: New York?

A2: GODDAMMIT, okay. Do you remember how you got here?

001: Not particularly, no…

A2: So what do you remember?

001: I remember I’ve lived here my entire life. And you were there, but... (stares off into space)

A2: But what?

001: (smiles widely again) Fred, I was thinking. You should join us.

A2: What kind of 180 shit is that? Who is “us”?

001: No, no, I misspeak. You must join us. It’s the only way.

A2: No. No way. (addresses scientists) Get me out of here. Please!

001: Oh, Fred...she’s expecting you. It would be very, very rude of you not to come.

A2: Derek, get a hold of yourself! The guards are gonna put you down if you don't calm down!

001: Haha...what a great joke, Fred.

Transcript stops here. 001, at this point, suddenly leaped from her seat and scratched out at A2 repeatedly. Guards successfully managed to save A2 and contain 001.

Upon examination, A2 had sustained multiple deep scratches on his face, neck, and arms. Each scratch appeared to be slowly dripping a pink substance and the subject was very weak.

Rest assured, however: we'll keep trying. We'll make them less hostile...unless their hostility could serve some purpose to our cause. No one but Sarah knows yet, but we'll keep trying anyway.


Inexplicably, 001 has taken an extreme liking to Sarah, even seemingly considering her an idol. Sarah appears to be amused by this, but the way she takes an interest to this she possibly encouraging it?

This "Great Experiment" is becoming more complicated than I thought. I don't think I'm up for this, personally. What even is our cause, and why does it just seem to spell disaster?


???: Dr. Axo, are you quite sure that you stand behind our cause 100%?

Axo: Yes, I'm sure. Why do you ask?

???: In the transcript reports, you seemed to experience some...doubts.

Axo: That was extremely childish of me. Don't worry, I've put those doubts behind me now.

???: So you agree that those doubts were irrelevant to our final result.

Axo: Yes, they are irrelevant.

???: Good. We can't let anything, much less doubts, jeopardize the Experiment. You may go now.


Axo: God, I could barely keep a straight face throughout all that. Those fucking bastards.

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