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Template:To bring back a loved one[]

Authors note:This is something that I made up. DO NOT TRY THIS. EVER. It's dangerous and won't work. _______________________________________________________________________

So, let's say that one of your loved ones have died. They could be a relative, friend, spouse, or someone else. Most of you will be currently grieving, wishing that they were still alive. However, there is a way to bring them back, though it comes with a price....

Gather a knife, shovel, a large jar of white paint, and a picture of your loved one. Go to an empty field in the middle of the night, and start digging a hole with the shovel. Keep digging until it is big enough to fit your body. Then take the paint jar, open it, and dump all of the paint inside the hole. Once you are finished, take the knife and slit your wrists.

Yes, I really mean it. Bringing someone from the dead comes with a price. This will hurt. Allow the blood to drip into the paint, and then say the following:

"I have given you blood, now give me [name of your loved one] back!!"

If the paint turns black:You may proceed.

If the paint turns red:Do not proceed.

So if you were allowed to proceed, then throw the picture into the paint, and then go home. Bring the knife, shovel, and empty jar with you. When you get there, your loved one will be at the front door, waiting for you. Oh course, you will be overjoyed, but don't forget about your wrists..... After all, you slit them. Better get them fixed.

But if the paint turned red......... Just slit your throat. It will be less painful than what will happen if you don't.

And as the blood runs down your chest, the last thing you will hear is the sound of your loved one weeping, begging you to stay with them.

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