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The cursed hidden lost VHS sonic tape game[]

<!               ThE cUrSeD hIdDeN lOsT vHs SoNiC tApE gAmE

One day i was taking a dump in my toilet when i went to flush i found a tape in toilet i took it to my VHS tape player (made out of shit) and inserted the tape it had sonic and Tails destroying robots when sonic flew off screen and Tails looked confused and weirded out then there was a scene where sonic landed on a toilet and had diarrhea for 1 hour straight nonstop  sonic hopped off and T-posed away then a brown hand came out of the toilet sonic met up with Tails and Tails said ‘Sonic I think we’re in a trollpasta’ but sonic was busy eating a shitti dog then a brown sonic appeared before Tails and sonic! ‘I’m dierria the shithog and ur evil counterpart’ ‘oh no you must be made from the dump i took in the toilet’ sonic said fearfully then Tails said ‘this is confusing and grossing me out I’m leaving’ and he jump out tv an leave then dierria said ‘i killed tailois i proof’ and sonic cry hyper realistic tears he say ‘noooo i was going to play 06 with tailois!’ and dierria pull out bottle and spray’s’nent’re’s hyper realistic blood world of sonic then sonic have diarrhea and explode dies i was scarred of life and dierria look me and say ’you have diarrhea’ i have abrupt diarrhea a die i’m begging you to play and eat house don’t eikn’t MMMMM

               The endn’t

P.s this is an real n genike help i have diarrheaan’t.


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William See (talk) 04:55, 9 January 2022 (UTC)[]

Not the place to post troll/shitpastas bud. If you have any genuine attempts though, we'd love to try to help.