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The debts you owe my soul[]

If there’s something worse than inquiring on the murder of a child, it's either failing to find anything to prove the dramatic event even took place or finding out your parents wealth was crafted off her horrific screams of death...

Aurora limply sat on her bed next to her empty luggages while humming a familiar song to herself, as her eyes absently stared down at her feet. Her mother walked in, placing a hand on the doorframe and laying her gaze on the child.

"What's up with you?" She asked, crossing her arms as she leaned sideways, a glimpse of worry melting in her voice, "if you don't feel like going, just say it, I'll call your father immediately" the woman added, mentally gesturing at the phone sitting on the kitchen table. The brown haired kid reluctantly shook her head, rubbing her sweaty knee with a slow motion, taking some time to come up with words.

"I... just don't feel like father loves me anymore.." she bit down her lip as soon as she realized her thoughts had accidentally slipped out, loudly. After all, her whole life up until then solely revolved around a childish desire of hers. She strived to make him proud, desperately wishing to feel and be enough for him to just look at her. Was it her fault? Was she being a bad daughter? Aurora was an empty shell, hollowed out and unable to feel anything but pain, rage and unfair guilt. She couldn't force him into loving her, no, but his careless actions only filled her innocent mind with violent desires and infuriating truths.  No matter how far past the limits she pushed herself, no matter how much she hurt in the process, he always went all out to humiliate her, making her feel like a nobody, ready to crumble beneath his feet. All he would give her was despair, but Aurora had been running straight towards him nonetheless, ready to be kicked away again, again and again. How much would she hold still?

Detaching her tired body from the wood and stepping forward, Lora found herself crouching down to Aurora's level. "Dear.. of course he does.." the woman felt the words dying in her throat as they sharply, slowly cut their way down to her twisted guts, why was she always left to deal with his mistakes? How many times would she have to put her own daughter's pieces back together? "..he does love you, what are you saying? Who.. who got you thinking like that.." She tilted her head attempting to catch Aurora's gaze and then reached her fingers out to move some strands of hair from her child's watering eyes.

"Hmm.." the brunette answered back, digging her nails further in the white bed sheets beneath, leaving temporary marks. "I just... he barely pays attention to me..ever since he became friends with her.." she muttered under her breath, puffing her cheeks up, "it's like he only cares about Layla.." Her eyes finally slid shut as she let a bunch of warm tears break through her soft expression.

"Honey.. they're not friends, I thought we went over that yet..?" Lora pointed out, wiping some of the wetness off her child's face. "THEY'RE NOT LOVERS! HE'S MY DAD!" Aurora violently jerked her arms, freeing herself from her mother's grip, causing a soft gasp to come out of the woman's mouth. The kid stared at her own arms in disbelief, why did that happen?

She found herself sobbing uncontrollably again and  Lora could do nothing but stare and comfort her, lying through her own words, hoping that, one day, he would finally know better than to harm his own daughter. The brunette's sadness was then  soon replaced by worry, "Layla told me daddy isn't feeling well.. she caught me listening to one of his phone calls..." she suddenly pointed out, reaching out for a napkin to blow her own nose with.

"Phone calls..?" Lora started, swallowing a breath as she attempted to get rid of the lump stuck in her trachea from before,  "Aurora what are you talking about?" Her mother tightened the grip on her child's shoulders as the olive tint of her skin was washed away from her own face, leaving her with a blank, dreadful expression. The "phone calls" were what she had feared the most during most of their marriage, she knew they meant no good.

"He.. he keeps yelling that he will.. he will fix things as soon as possible" the other waved her small hands around as an attempt to avoid being asked further questions, she was as worried as the woman kneeling before her, "but they keep calling back! Layla said his boss is very demanding..." Aurora's brows furrowed, her blue eyes expressing more concern than her words could do.

"I need... Excuse me please " Lora finally got up, pushing away her fears, stuttering as more clouding thoughts filled her mind, and rushed to the kitchen - her sweaty hands reaching out for the phone.

"Mama..!" Aurora called, her fingers twisting the fabric beneath her legs, not sure of what could have triggered such a reaction out of her parent. Nothing had been the same ever since they had split up; she couldn't understand them, their words, their thoughts, their actions and their bickers. Their questions constantly left her with the tough weight of always having to pick and choose between the two, scared of going the wrong way. The child inhaled deeply until her lungs were filled with fresh hair and courage, and finally found herself eavesdropping on her mom from behind the kitchen's door.

"..Are you sure you're not going back to your old habits, Elliot?" Aurora could feel the fear spoiling her mom's voice as she paced back and forth around the big room, struggling to keep her own concerns unspoken. "Are you sure you don't need money-" Lora supposedly got immediately cut off, her mouth releasing a sigh of relief as her feet finally stopped stomping on the ground.

"Alright El, Alright.... I'll have Aurora be ready at eight tomorrow...but leave her out of this." She gestured something, as if he could see her through the phone, and the brunette took it as her cue to go back to her room where her empty luggages still awaited her.


Dear diary,

me and my father are finally spending time together. We are heading to Naperville, a small town a few minutes away from Chicago. It's not everyday I get to visit new places, especially this far from home. I hope my mom doesn't get too mad at Father for sneaking me out of town.

"You have a bad habit of talking too much, Aurora" Her father remarked, quickly shooting a glare at her as his hand firmly gripped the gearbox. The child eventually lowered her head, ashamed of something she didn't even know she had done. After a whole minute of silence, Elliot spoke again; "I'm not.. scolding you come on!" He jokingly threw his hands in the air, momentarily losing control of the vehicle, "It's just that.. these are adult things, and you are.. what? Eight? Nine?" He couldn't even remember. "Well, you're still a child, no need to get so worked up on things that don't even concern you," his knuckles turned white as he repeatedly clenched his greasy fingers around the steering wheel.

"But.. Layla told me you were feeling sick, I got worried and... I told mom." She couldn't even bring herself to look at him, something in the back of her mind telling her he was not just going to accept that as an explanation. Surprisingly, it was exactly what he did. He kept silent, nodding as he bit his bottom lip, forcing himself not to let his anger and frustration out on her. Then, his phone started ringing, probably for the tenth time that day.

It was 2 hours into the ride and her thoughts were suddenly cut off by the car abruptly stopping in the middle of nowhere. The little child's pen had been lost in the process and she was now sticking her small hands in the space between the seat and the door, attempting to retrieve it. As she was about to put her fingers on it, a strong yet familiar hand tapped on her shoulder, catching her attention and quickly forcing her body into a sitting position. Before she could have registered her father's moves, he had already left the car, leaving her on her own, stuck in a place she did not recognize. Swallowing her own insecurities back to where they belonged, she sat uncomfortably where she was, slightly scooting away from the sun that had now been starting to burn her bare leg. Her skin was so pale it almost reflected the light and by her looks, you could have either assumed she was sick or had never been exposed to the light throughout her whole life.

Her glance drifted from the windscreen to her father, and only then, she realized he had been talking on the phone the entire time. Aurora bumped her fist on the glass and then waved at her parent, vainly trying to catch his absent eyes.

"He answered..." Her brows furrowed. Foreshadowing catastrophic conclusions, she carefully unwrapped the seatbelt from around her little waist and forced the door open, careful not to burn her arms, hopping off the seat and rushing towards the man.

Stay out of this, you're a child.

She lightly pulled the soft fabric of his shirt, finally getting him to at least turn around. He briefly stared at her, only to immediately put the phone away and shush her off, gesturing her back to the hot burning car. He didn't want her to listen.

"Father..." Again, her fingers traveled on his sweated shirt, holding on to it..but it was that moment he finally had enough of her, harshly shoving her off, butt on the ground. Aurora hoped he didn't mean it.

The nine-year-old lifted herself up, her knees were scraped by the hot-burning concrete, she was hurt and, yet again, she was still the last worry on the back of his mind. Just as she was about to slide her hand in the pocket and make a call, a car parked next to her father's, and it was what made him finally take the device off his ear.  

"I'll call you back, I told you I'd fix this, just... just give me some time!" After that, The place went completely silent, except for the sound of a metal door quickly opening and then closing right back. A familiar woman with long, dyed blonde hair and piercing black eyes had slid off the vehicle, effortlessly running a hand through her light, straight locks in the process and eyeing her father in a way that made the hair on the kid's small back go up. The female approached the both of them, crouching down to Aurora's level and giving her a peck on her cheek. "So, you're finally here!" She chirped, her voice hurting the poor child's ears. Aurora nodded, smiling back not as happily as she would usually do, but Layla didn't seem to pick it up. "So..." the lady stood back up, straightening her dress with a stroke of her hands "I finally brought my car to the mechanic.." She rolled her eyes, exasperating her words, "... do you think we are going to be glued here any longer? It's not like there's something worth seeing here..." She exclaimed, turning her head around as to further prove her point.

"Can I talk to you for a second, Layla?" Elliot finally broke her chanting, crossing his arms in annoyance and frustration. A small giggle escaped the brunette's mouth, but she was harshly cut off by her father making clear he didn't want her to be involved either.

Aurora sighed in distress as Layla gave her a bottom pat to send her off to the car. When she got comfortable on her seat, she squinted and watched as the female headed back to where the tall man had been standing all along. An uncomfortable feeling turned her stomach upside down as the couple discreetly, yet horribly carelessly started fighting in the middle of the parking lot. All of this wasn't new to her; the screaming, the crying and the horrible words leaving her father's mouth... yet she couldn't help but feel scared and confused. Was she the reason behind their quarrel?

Luckily, nothing lasts forever, not even their bickering. In the end, the little girl caught them agreeing over something and then parted ways. Instead of her father, getting comfortable just a few inches away from her was Layla. Aurora was caught off guard, however she silently sat there for almost the entirety of the trip, as another eerie feeling was slowly born in the depths of her chest, bit by bit, forcing her to uncomfortably press her bare, wounded legs to the crook of her neck.

"Your father is a prick... can you imagine?" Layla giggled it off, slowly shaking her head, "he almost got me fired!" She lightly slammed her hands on the hard but rubbery material of the steering wheel, obtaining a soft laugh from the brunette. A wistful smile painted the female's features as she caught herself lying to a kid, not seeing any other way out of this; as egoistic as it sounded, it was their only way to avoid Death's unpleasant knocking at their door, and building trust was the first step towards their goal.

The woman finally made an unexpected turn and then parked the car, with her lover following right behind. The nine year old carefully stuck her head out of the window and then sheepishly smiled, locking eyes with her father and pointing at the huge Hotel hovering over them.

"Are we spending our holidays here?" She asked as the excitement took over her, eventually erasing all the bad feelings off her mind. Elliot absently smiled back and rolled his head to one side, thwacking his foot on the concrete, impatiently waiting for Layla to get out of the car instead. Upon realizing how little her presence meant to him, Aurora's smile dropped and she felt out of place, like a third wheeling friend; except that she was his daughter, and her father couldn't keep his mind out of the clouds instead.

Again, her fists clenched and her teeth grinded; she was so close yet so far away from him. She wanted to scream, to snap at him and expose her deepest hatred..but her body and mind held her hostage. Why did he keep lying to her? Why wouldn't he talk to her? She was not stupid!

Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize.

Aurora could do nothing but stare, observe and suck it up. Oh how much she wished to be allowed not to suppress the urge of leaning closer, ripping the man's chest open and digging within his ribcage, only to pull his heart out and feel it alive within her hands as she searched for any traces of love and care. The child immediately felt like curling up in a ball and disappearing, being stabbed once again with the realization of how much of a dead weight she was to him. She meant too little for him to handle, that's why he had never bothered to care. Not one bit.

"One, two, three breathe" the doctor said, carefully pressing her gloved hands on the kid's back. "Four, five, six think happy thoughts" she sang, rubbing a piece of cotton wool on her small back, disinfecting the area. Each fiber in Aurora's body was desperate for the convulsions to reduce in intensity and her stomach to just stop contorting. The marble floor was stained by her waste and the rags absorbing the liquid just were not enough anymore. She felt her mum's concerned, exhausted gaze weighing on her - the woman was alone, pressing her back against the empty, white hospital walls as she felt like crumbling on the spot. Nobody knew what was wrong with their daughter, yet, she stood there on her own, not a single shoulder to cry on, not even her husband's, who had left them behind to chase after a woman's attention he didn't have to seek for.  

When the needle was finally pulled out of her back, Aurora's mind stopped spinning and her guts felt lighter, allowing her to breathe. It had been the third time that week and no one besides her mother had been there to lift her off the bed, wrap her in some freshly washed blankets and rush her to the nearest ER, all while puking her feelings out.

Panic attacks. Anxiety disorder. Borderline personality disorder. Epilepsy. Post traumatic stress disorder.

Multiple answers to a single question kept popping out of her doctors' skilled minds, filling the hospital room with more doubts than clearance. Only one single certainty stood indisputable amongst it all: he wasn't there, he had refused to be there for her, again, and she had felt so small, ready to liquify just like the vomit laying on the floor.

As Layla finally left the driving side, the man's piercing gaze eventually fell on his daughter's toy, his words finally shattering the awkward silence between the three of them.

"I forgot the luggages. Layla.." He called out, pointing at the female standing next to him, his annoyed voice plus Aurora's disappointed expression gave it all away and, before he could start again, the woman's sharp words cut his ego like glass rips your skin off when stomped on. "You're impossible, Elliot.".

"Daddy...", Aurora interrupted the couple, fidgeting with the stuffed toy's ears, "You've been fighting ever since I got here, can... can you stop?" She blurted out, hopping her way out of the car. Her father shot a glare at the woman but it got completely past Layla's brain, "Of course dear! We are sorry, but working our nights off is getting us frustrated." An unpleasant giggle scraped her throat as she forced another lie out of herself, hoping the little kid wouldn't catch her in the act. Something felt off, actually, everything felt off! However, unfortunately, the brunette couldn't quite put her hands on what it was.

Lost in her own deep thinking, Aurora could barely catch her father's phone ringing again - his eyes widening as a message popped up on his screen.

"Get your shit together, you're not making this any easier".

His eyes darkened and he could do nothing but stare up at Layla and nod.

The following days had been quite peaceful, with Elliot surprisingly love bombing her with gifts and pretty words. She was just a child and he had managed to manipulate his way through her brain, forcing her to wipe away each and every hint of distrust off her mind. The kid had spent most of her free time either drawing, swimming in the pool or talking to her mother. Oddly enough, every time she was caught into some activity, the both of them simply disappeared, only to be later found whispering incomprehensible things behind her back. However, this one day, it was one of a kind, one that the little girl will never forget.

The time to leave came again. It was very early in the morning and for the nth time that week the two of them sat in the hot car, heading somewhere the child felt like she wasn't supposed to get a hint of yet. It didn't take too much for them to get where they were supposed to, and when they did, she finally slid off of her seat again, slowly spinning around in an attempt to force her brain to memorize as many details as it could. The feeling of something being sketchy crawled up her spine and then under her skin, causing her to shiver and squeeze Jo against the crook of her own neck in an attempt to soothe herself.

Before them stood a very tall building; it was not even nearly as inviting as her house, but still, her father was heading right there and she had to follow. The brunette shook her head and rushed to their side, staring up at them in confusion. Before even a word would have escaped past her bruised lips, the woman placed a hand on her shoulder as she walked the youngling inside her apartment.

"Make yourself at home! This is my house" She pointed out, glancing at her lover as he quickly made his way to the bathroom, seemingly knowing the way there already.

"" Aurora watched as her parent took a turn to the bedroom and disappeared behind the door... where was she? She stood there as her arms fell limply at the sides of her body, causing her bag to fall on the floor with a loud thump. The sound startled her as her whole body jerked in pain, still not fully dragging her back to reality.

Betrayal. That was all she could feel. He had lied his way out of her life but yet, he had still managed to force her into his, putting her before the fait accompli, with no saving her.

The place wasn't that small, still, but she felt like suffocating. A huge knot stood in her throat and she felt like swallowing it down wasn't enough - its roots were skewered in her flesh. It was the realization that her mother had been right all along and she had always been lost too deep in her own childish dreams to admit it. Aurora was delusional but, on the other hand, he had always been a huge liar, building her hopes up only to watch them crumble into nothingness.

When the door was finally pushed open, her gaze fell on the wardrobe resting on the wall and then, her heart suddenly felt too big for her body, threatening to split her chest apart. Nobody was going to listen to her cries because they all knew he had moved on and she was the only one refusing to acknowledge it. No one was ever going to waste their time on Him. Lora had tried, and tried and tried just to be thrown in the bin like an old toy he was tired of playing with. Now it was Aurora's turn to be hurt, torn apart and then, finally put an end to and she could do nothing to prevent it from happening; she was too young anyway.

"So, do you think we can go out tonight, Elliot?" Layla chirped as she took slow sips on her coffee, switching her gaze from her father to Aurora, expecting an answer.  "Of course we can, what do you think, Aurora?" He called back, and the child simply let out a muffled "mhm", too sleepy to let even a single word out.

"Alright! That restaurant on the sea shall be!" The woman's words were the last thing she made out before dozing off on the sofa.

"So, are we all set?" Elliot whispered, his voice filled with worry as he tightened the grip on the phone within his hands. "And who the fuck is going to do this?" Layla spat out; she was just as worried as him, playing with one of her rings. "Us, Layla" After what felt like an eternity, the man answered back.

"Are you fucking kidding me? We won't be able to do this on our own, the police are gonna be on our ass." Distress grew stronger and stronger within her chest, until the woman was no longer able to keep it at bay.

"They want my money, Layla. NOW. I thought we went over it already!" The man suddenly stood up as well and his arms fell at the sides of his hips, causing his mug to tilt too much and droplets of coffee to spill on the marbled floor.

"Do you want us to get our asses locked in a fucking prison?" She began, raising her voice ever so slightly, threatening to wake Aurora up. She had a point.

"No, no of course not my love.." He sighed harshly, his eyes running on the dirty walls surrounding them, desperately needing a way to fix what he had broken. "But if we don't end up in jail, we will end up dead!" He roughly placed the cup on the table and waved his hand to keep her shut. Layla couldn't find herself reaching for the proper words, so she just sighed deeply as her eyes slid shut,  "I...I just... just come up with something actually useful, Elliot" Layla remarked, finally taking her leave.  

The evening had fallen and the topic had no longer been brought up between the couple. It was time to get ready for dinner for the three of them. Aurora's mother had lovingly packed her some new pretty dresses to wear and the child had just to try them on and choose the one that suited her best. She began sorting through her stuff, finally picking up her favorite outfit; a simple baby blue dress with some red flowers sewed on its front. After carefully placing it on, Aurora rushed to the bedroom, eager to hear her dad's opinion on the outfit she had picked.

"It looks really good on you, let me add a special touch to it" a female voice coming from the bathroom interrupted her, exhorting the child to join her.

"Okay!" Aurora cheered, raising her head and jumping her way towards Layla, then allowing the woman to style her hair in two pigtails. Once they were done, the youngling thanked her and rushed out to show her father.

"Do you like it? My mom chose this dress for me!" The brunette happily twirled around the room, showing off her amazing looks.

"You're beautiful! It makes you look like a princess! " He patted her shoulder and took her hand, making her spin once. All of it was beyond surreal - the fleeble sunlight kissing the top of her hair, her pigtails dancing in the soft summer breeze along with her dress flitting as she pirouetted; all of it felt like magic happening right before her eyes and she was the very protagonist of it. It was all she had ever asked for - to feel loved, to feel wanted and cheered.

No wonder why a bittersweet aftertaste was left on her tongue as the sound of Elliot's phone ringing abruptly interrupted their moment. As if the call had the ability to bring him back to reality, her father suddenly let go of her, causing Aurora to lose her balance a bit as she wobbled her way to the bed.

"I'll...I'll wait for you in the car" he managed to blurt a few words out before quickly rushing out of the house and slamming the door behind his back. He was the only one to blame, he had buried himself deep down an infinite amount of problems he struggled to flounder in... if only gambling wasn't the only way for him to cope.

Aurora and Layla both stood there, speechless, especially the blonde haired woman, whose nails had turned into a mess as she kept chewing on them out of distress. "Please excuse him... dear." she sucked in a breath, struggling to speak. "It has been happening a lot....Even when we're on our own.. I don't know what's going on".

Another lie. Dragged into a mess bigger than her, it was the only thing left for her to do.

Back from the nth call, Elliot sat in the car for ten long minutes, slamming his fists on the steering wheel, attempting to soothe some of his debilitating anxiety. He repeated those exhaustingly violent movements until both his girls appeared outside the building's doorway, then, he urged himself to calm down before they had hopped in. As they left the parking spot, the buzzing noise of the engine quieted down, leaving the car to be engulfed by silence; not a single noise escaped their bodies, not even the sound of their breathing was loud enough to suffocate the tension that was slowly taking over the vehicle.

Aurora leaned out of the window, her gaze running on the edges of the big building gradually getting farther and farther away from her. It was still daytime and the fading light kissed her dark hair, enlightening some of her streaks, as the light breeze softly pushed her pigtails back and forth, lulling her locks as if they were having their last dance. The child lolled her head on the side, enjoying the soft caressing wind. Her eyes remained closed for the entirety of the trip - the very last one - and she rested on the uncomfortable yet familiar fabric of the backseat.

The loud noise of the engine abruptly shutting off caused her pale eyelids to shoot open and her fragile reality to be shattered within seconds. Gazing around, the place turned out to be nothing like she'd expected. Where was the restaurant? And the sea? An empty, endless parking lot was everything that fit in her field of view - no other cars around. Leaning closer to her father, Aurora grabbed the hem of his shirt, tugging it ever so slightly to try and catch his gaze, however, he had pushed her away - her head hitting the hard plastic of the bandbox.

"Daddy...? Layla..?" Aurora's small voice called out as tears began building up in her eyes. "This is not where you promised we would go...". The couple never turned their heads to face their victim, whose hands were now sweating profusely. The man suddenly slammed his trembling fingers in the hard dashboard, the blonde woman could only watch - regret flowing in their veins, threatening to replace their blood.

How could he bring himself to do that to his own daughter? Was he really doing the right thing? Then, his survival instinct kicked in - Aurora had barely lived a quarter of her life, she wouldn't have any regrets, but he would, and this was not going to happen, not on his watch.

It was all so quick, so sudden that the kid couldn't even comprehend what was going on.

Elliot looked over to Layla as they both got out of the car in a swift motion slamming the door to the backseats open. Aurora, unable to react,  felt herself get grabbed by one of her pigtails and dragged out of the metallic monster roughly, before getting thrown to the cold ground, her skin becoming wounded by the concrete. She was scared, and more scared than anything so far. Were they going to abandon her?

"Wait! Dad!" She cried out, one hand reaching for the tall man approaching her while the other held Jo-Jo tightly to her chest. "What did I do?! Don't leave me" Another scream left her throat as, crawling back to the vehicle, her hands were abruptly stomped on by Elliot's hard boots, getting them severely injured. Her eyes desperately searched the woman's face for help, only to find regret, tears and a hint of fear towards the man he supposedly loved. However she was not any better.

Layla broke eye contact and, to avoid being brought off track by the child's pleadings, rushed to open the trunk of the car that Elliot drove, before pulling out something that the brunette couldn't really make out. As she helplessly watched the lady carry it out, she was suddenly kicked by her father and sent rolling a little bit, her dress getting dirty in the process.

Another scream, but nobody was going to hear her cries, no matter how much she'd yell. Spit came out of her mouth as she struggled to catch her breath. There was nothing she could have done to prevent all of this, but her frail mind was too young to realize that. She couldn't understand, her brain lacked information. One moment he was spinning her around the room, making her feel like how every daughter should, then, the other one here he was, letting all of his hatred, anger and disgust out at her. Another kick in her head and she was forcefully sent between morpheus' arms, unable to feel or hear anything at all and, maybe, that was a blessing.

Her father grabbed her by the collar of her dress, before putting her on the hood of the car, which Layla had previously covered with a tarp to prevent any blood from getting on the vehicle.

Awakened from her short slumber and still somehow conscious, little Aurora was scared for her life. Her limbs felt numb, in fact, all of her body, except for her head, did. Darkness surrounded her and clouded her mind. She could feel the wheels of the car hitting the rocky floor, making her jump up and down as the back of her head repeatedly hit the hard material beneath her, making her bleed all over the place. This wasn't enough to send her to the heavens though, but the drugs tainting her blood were, yet not enough to muffle the conversation between her murderers.

"We did this for ourselves! For OUR family. I did this for YOU!" Elliot yelled, tears streaming down his wrinkled face while his hands got slammed wherever he could.

"You did all of this for YOURSELF.... You did this just so you could keep spending money! Don’t drag me into this!" Layla's ugly sobbing was an obstacle to her speech, and little Aurora could feel she was barely keeping her composure. “What are you going to do next? What’s your plan? Dismembering me as well?”.

Elliot was left speechless for a couple of seconds, his guts twisting as Layla hit him straight in his weakest point, stripping him of all the lies he had ever told just to cover up himself and his addiction. Something he had never wanted to get rid of, the monster, the name Lora had given it, always had the best of him, slowly turning him into someone he was not. Its roots were skewered deep in his childhood and were the only good memory he had left. But now it was too late, the damage had already been done.

"You are into this AS MUCH AS I DO!" the man violently shook the steering wheel, making the car unexpectedly teeter for a second, the tires losing friction with the ground.

"DON'T EVEN FUCKING THINK OF BACKING OFF, DO YOU UNDERSTAND-" All of his violent yelling was finally put to an end by an unceasing ringing in the little girl's ears, it was so loud it took over any other sound coming from in or out of the trunk as Death came to claim yet another reward and the night fell upon her. At the very end of this awful roundup of events, she had been the one drowning in his own wrong doings and, this time, her hopes would be buried deep enough in the ground with her, not to be retrieved ever again.

....And if this story ever gets within the hands of the person to whom it is to be delivered ... just know that I shall not rest until you stop thinking, therefore, existing. Money won't pay the debts your soul owes me.

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This was beautiful. That final sentence at the end sent literal chills down my spine, and I loved every bit of it. Keep up the good work!