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hey mom derek said hey mom this ad keeps poping up on my phone it keeps saying do want to play this game derek said thats not right lets block it thinks mom derek said derek feel a sleep play this game or die hahaha you have 2 day to get your friends to play ill be telling them this too if they dont all you will need 5 or ten or more to play one will not die how are derek said im delta hahaha derek woke up and and called his friends they talked about there dream they all cryed then walked to the woods you guys ready whats the first game.hide and seek did get the knives for all of us derek said yes rich said ill be the seeker go hide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20.ready or not here i come there was only one hiding and one seeker derek looked in the shed and stab clear derek whispered sorry with one tear coming out of clears eye.looks like dereks team wins next game one team needs to go in the street at night so they picket a team dereks team needs to go dont you think yes good so atom is going no! atom said if you dont go delta will kill us all fine atom cryed she layed on the road then died this game will never end derek said.but as they were walking in the woods a cop saw them with knives and pills the cop said stop right there your coming with me derek said no what the cop said i said no if we do he will kill us all derek said how the cop said i cant tell you he cursed me what is derek doing with that knife behind his back derek dont do chester said derek stabed the cop in his neck come we have to go they ran deeper in the woods well the cop was dieing were done to 20 friends on are team every body looked at the person near them they know that delta was watching them.guys i think this is level 1 derek said.

uh felix said how knows when the levels are done but how ever dies i will try to end this game for ever derek said but hes something from hell how knows what can he do its like were in a urban legend or in a scary move there is no escape lets get to the next game.Whats the game iris said its ring a round a rosys a hell nah ben said shut up derek said i dont want to die dude we killed a cop derek said you did ben said oh so you want to go to the police stachon and tell them every thing like they will help.fine lets do this weres the match right here lets sing the song ring a round a rosy hop pop a choseys ashis ashis we all bron done look at it the hole town is on fire lets get out of here.whats the next game hing man charlie will be the man is there a o nope is there a b no one more try okay ben its your tern is there a s no charlie.lets hing charlie it says after we kill some one or your self you have to run before some comes and fins you were down to 10 team mates.

 god if you can here me i am so sorry ben stop preying god is not going to let us in his kingdom were killers now derek said whats the next game tom said its duck duck goose lets go every body sit down here we go ben said stop being afraid all the time derek said tom will go a round tom got up duck duck duck duck duck goose tom pick derek the both slashed with there knives derek got tom in his eye then slit his neck next game every body looked at derek with blood all over there faces.NOW we have 5 players on each team i think its time to put out two players.

ben derek said ...sure ben said sadly and later we are going to have to put us in the game rules say there only can be one player alive whats the next game the next game is called the pill game i got pain killers it says we have to take all of the pain killers and now were puting out two players i will go jake said me too snow said me too olive said me too me three tony said ready start.they all feel on the floor ben and derek watch then walk away okay ben its you and me derek said whats the game marko polo derek said okay lets do it in the lake marko polo marko polo derek ben ben ben! derek fuck hes dead delta said nice job you win but theres a nother level delta said but you dont have two play it when you get kids they will play if you dont you will play it and delta was never seen again


level 1

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8} William See 17:40, 15 December 2020 (UTC)[]

This story is really hard to read with the various typos, missing punctuation and massive blocks of text. I think you need to spell check this entirely.