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the game from hell

May 19, 1999 Chicago I had just bought a game called MISNORI though I never herd of it. " Where did you find this and what is this about?" Asks Ryan." I don't know how to answer the questions it randomly appeared in my shop." Says the clerk. Ryan walks out confused but okay with the clerks answers. Ryan passes his friends Ben and Ian, they talk for 6 minutes and after their talk Ryan walks home in the suburb area in Chicago. Once home Ryan grabs his NES and takes out GODZILLA: MONSTER OF MONSTERS then puts in MISNORI to play it. The title screen pulls up and Ryan presses start, level 1 called NORI starts and the character is a creature hunter (or kaiju hunter) and he plays through the level until the boss pull up the boss is called POPURB. POPURB looks like a giant bat that has red glowing eyes. Ryan sees the timer is at 0:00 but it still goes and after defeating POPURB says  

θα χάσετε σύντομα Ryan - κόκκινο. Ryan cant read what it says but keeps playing. level 2 METETOWA begins, the game says 2/5 levels. but every thing starts to glitch so Ryan turns it off for the day. At 5:21 Ryan walks to the clerks shop and finds him dead and in blood writing says ο υπάλληλος δεν έχει καμία χρήση mor -κόκκινο so Ryan runs for his life , as soon as Ryan gets home the news says " Two teens Ian Bilitcher and Ben Neaves have gone missing at 2:34 today and if you have any info about the missing teens call the Chicago Police Department or CPD at 312-746-6000 or 3-1-1 and a store clerk murdered in his shop." Ryan feels sick and passes out, then Ryan wakes up playing MISNORI on level 3 at the end. " What the hell." Says Ryan. Ryan try's to run but he can't move, level 4 comes and passes and level 5 is beginning with the final boss RED the demon and Ryan's character gets eaten hole." YOUR GOING TO DIE NOW MY FRIEND RYAN." Says RED. The GAME OVER screen pops out but a humanoid creature comes over the screen and says " WEWE AREARE IANIAN ANDAND BENBEN." Says the spirit." WEWE WILLWILL HELPHELP YOUYOU BEATBEAT HIMHIM." Says Iabe. The final level reloads and the character starts to glow." HOW ARE YOU ALIVE RYAN HOW GODDAMIT?!" Says RED. Ryan's character walks up and stabs RED in the heart and all openings start glowing." HOW ARE YOU BEATING ME RYAN, WHO ARE YOU,YOU SHOULD BE DEAD AHHHHHHHHH-!" Yells RED. RED explodes and the MISNORI cartridge melts in the NES. Ryan passes out and the next day wakes up to the police arresting him." Your under arrest for the 2 missing teens and 1 murder and everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law." Says cpt. Anderson.

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