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The ritual of Asclepius[]

The ritual of Asclepius

Have you ever had something that wouldn’t heal ? An illness, or an injury. If yes, then, I think you’d be interested in what I’m about to say.

This ritual basically consists of summoning Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, and asking him to heal you. But be careful, it has a price. For it, you need multiple things.

First, the venom of any snake, the stronger the better, as well as an antidote for it. You will also need several medicinal herbs, at least 3, that are famously known for their virtues. It doesn't matter which ones you take. Be careful not to take random plants. He will consider it an insult.

You will need a lighter or anything to make some fire, as well as a sacrifice. You see, everything has a price. The sacrifice must be something that is somewhat equal to what you want to heal. For example, if you want to heal something that would kill you, you will have to pay with a life or something worth a life or more. It's extremely difficult to find something that has the same value as healing a non-fatal injury though. Be careful that your payment is not less than what you want to heal. After all, you do not want to become his test subject.

Once you have all that, head to a forest. It needs to be far from any town or house. You don't want to be interrupted. You can do the ritual at any hour but try to not look at his face. Always look at the ground while it's not finished. Also, I can’t guarantee that he will heal you. You can’t predict how a god thinks, so be prepared to die if he’s not in a good mood.

First, light on fire all three of the herbs. Be careful not to put the forest on fire. Then, mix up the venom and its antidote and take a sip. If he doesn't answer you, you will probably die, but the stronger the venom, the higher the chances of him coming. You will start feeling nauseous, but it will stop when he'll be here. If he came, you will see someone standing in front of you. Do not under any circumstances try to look at his face. You will notice he's dressed in a sort of toga and have greenish skin. He will ask you what your payment is. Hand him what you brought . If he takes it, he'll disappear right after. You'll fall unconscious and wake up around 10 hours later, healed. If you hear a sort of hissing sound, run away as fast as you.

If he healed you or you somehow managed to run away and survive, never try this ritual again. He does not like to see the same patient twice.

Also, if you ever feel sick or are injured, do not think about him or this ritual, even if you never attempted it. You see, he can feel when people are sick, and when they think of him. He may appear before you and turn you into his test subject.

And if you wonder why I'm sharing it, well, I have a deal with him. I have to give him some lives.

So, if you’re sick, don’t think about him, and thank you for helping me complete my deal.

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