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The story of Jittery Jax[]

Jax was a boy with blond hair and always wore the same red hoodie and black ripped jeans and Jax was a not so normal boy living in what seemed to be a normal world. His mom had died when he was 6 due to a suicide Jax is 16 now and has only 1 friend he had no other friends the Reason for this was because a long time ago Jax was given a name he had no idea would stick his whole life this name was "Jittery Jax" this was because he was known for getting nervous Tics other students would do things that make him nervous like get him in trouble just so they can make fun of his tics he also got made fun of a lot for being bisexual and being at home was no better he had to deal with his dads girlfriend who was never a nice person she had even threatened to Destroy the one thing that brings him joy his cards. See Jax had found 1 thing that made him happy and that was card games, so he always had 1-2 decks on him another thing about Jax is that he has always hated Kids 10 and under this made dealing with Angalina his dads' girlfriend child who was 6 but the way he would deal with this is he would go to the park and play card games with his friend who was an older guy but one day was different from the rest i mean he had known the guy to always be at the park and he wasn't but he brushed it off and went home he turned the Tv on and that's when it hit him "Burt Andrews found dead in his home professionals say he was stabbed 27 times" The Lady on TV said "Burt?" he said a little confused he had never really known the guy's name the realization hit him "Wait That's Why He Wasn't At The Park To Day My Only Friend"

He said with a raised tone of voice and that's when he started thinking "Why me everything Happens to me first my mom then my only friend" he thought as h shed a tear That's when he had heard his name called downstairs "JAX COME HERE" he had heard his dad yell he walked downstairs to see two police officers at the door "are you Jax Black?" the taller one asked that's when it started Tic Tic Tic "yeah why?" he replied "We believe you to be a suspect of the murder of Burt Andrews because you hung out with him all the time" The shorter One explained "So do you mind if we take you in for questioning tomorrow because the station is closing soon today" the taller one asked "No I Don't Mind" Tic​ he replied still nervous the cops had walked away and about 30 minutes later Jax tried to go to sleep But couldn't that's when he heard his name called by Angalina She started yelling at him and hitting him "Go get those damn cards of yours" She said With a pissed tone of voice "Oh... gladly" he replied at this point he had been getting tired of her and wasn't thinking it felt like he had no choice but to do what he was about to do he had to he just HAD TO he walked upstairs and grabbed his cards came back down and took out the joker card and put it to her neck "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" she yelled his dad was still asleep but that's when he said "getting my revenge on you for EVERYTHING you have done to me" He said he then sliced her neck with the card and watched as she had died he now have blood on his cloths but he did not care he went upstairs grabbed the rest of his cards he had like 20 back up decks and killed her child to and next to each body he left a king of hearts card he ran down stairs in the garage and stole his dads car and his old Halloween mask that was a light up purge mask that was black with a design that made it looked stained with blood the batteries never died for some reason and he thinks they never will he drove until the car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the wood he had no idea where he was he was far from the city he knew that much he got all his stuff leaving 1 item in the car and Ran into the bumping into a tall figure that was wearing a tux and had no face .... the next week "no reports of the boy just the found car inside the car was only 1 King of hearts playing card" said the lady on TV

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