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The truth[]

“I was trapped on the prison but now I could break free.” He said looking at the beautiful sky.


Dark on a cave, no light, there is just water and bats, some things that doesn’t want to be on the light hide on caves. And here it is a man lying on the rocks, just like something that comes from nowhere, there is nonsense, how does someone could come from nowhere? No answer, the man just wakes up confuse, he tries to search for something, then he takes a lighter from his pocket, the man wears an dark trousers, an red shirt and a jacket. When he lights up the lighter, he hears a rock falling from the cave celling, something was up there but he couldn’t see it was too fast, when he walked on the cave tunnels until he see tree tunnels, then he listen an voice inside his head “the tree paths”, more confused than he was the man just walk to the right path. The man lighter couldn’t light up the whole tunnel, when he see where he is going to step, its too late, he fall into an hole, everything get black and then he wake up, on the same cave, same rocks, same tunnel, he got up take his lighter and go again, walk to the tree tunnels and he go to the left path rote, he walked on the left tunnel, after some hours walking he see  drawings on the wall of the cave then he listen again the voice say in his head: “the only way out is going down”, he walk more than he find an hole on the ground, he decide then to go down the hole, he go stepping in the right rocks but then, he saw an black shadow, stare at him, the shadow was in the wall near him, then the shadow open eight red eyes. It wasn’t an shadow, it is an spider, an big spider that jump on him and make him fall, he tried to fight the spider put there are no way he could win, the spider throw him in the wall, the man and the spider keep fighting until, they land on the cave lake, then he swim back to the surface of the lake, and he saw torch, the torch was on 1 kilometer on his front, the lake was big, without losing time he swim towards the torch, when he was going to light the torch the spider jump on his back, but it was too late he light up his lighter and then the whole cave room explode. The man wakes up, on a room that has darkness in the right and light on the left then the voice said: “The dark path will lead you to the lie where you live and the light path will lead you to the truth”. Then he chooses the light path, when he walked straight to the light, every time he get near the light his fake memories come back, but he go straight to the light until all that he see is light, then he opens his eyes and see the sun rising an new tomorrow, he was on the middle of an forest, laying on the leaves, looking at the sky.


Made by pedroossop

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It has many grammar errors (like an forest for example), and improper capitalization and spacing (not much errors). Needs more polishing.

Don't click here. There is nothing to see. 04:35, 11 December 2020 (UTC)