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There's Something Strange Going on in Akaterville

I’m no crazy person. I wanted to establish that before I tell my tale, because some of you might think that I’ve got a screw loose. However, knowing that my time is almost up, I have to tell my tale now before you all share the same fate.

My name is Miles Cortica, police officer of Akaterville, Michigan. That’s a small out-of-the-way town for those who’ve never heard of it. Nothing much -- just a TV station, a few dozen houses, a town center, and it’s all surrounded by the beautiful blue Lake Superior except for one tunnel leading to the mainland. However, looks can be deceiving….

Now while everyone knew each other, contributing in their own way to society but with nothing much to do in the quiet town, that all changed when missing reports came in: three teenagers aged 16, 14, and 17. Considering that they didn’t come from the same family, this wasn’t just some runaway case. There was no evidence of a break-in either, so we were led to believe they did run away. The search parties were called off after a week, and the victims were presumed dead. At least I personally believed they were dead. Besides, that was all in the past.

I was driving on my morning patrol, the dew just starting to dry off the leaves in the morning sun, when I came across one of my fellow officers, Officer Micah.

“Hey, Cort! How are you on this fine day?” he hollered from the sidewalk.

“Tired,” I said as I got out of the car, being sure to park it on the side of the road. “Excruciatingly tired.”

Micah grinned. “Well, you better perk up! You promised you’d take my shift tonight!”

Right. Shit. I completely forgot that I cover for my friend literally all the time.

“Right, I’ll be there.” I said reluctantly.

The orange sun was setting behind the lake, and I buckled up and drove to Starbucks to prepare myself for the longest night ever. Micah’s shift was at the bank. He’d stake out in front of the bank and watch for black-clad bandits and the like. As I was sitting in front of the bank, my car parked just a few meters in front of me. I deemed this the perfect moment to sit on the bench. However, my caffeinated stupor soon gave way to the deep, dark, comforting embrace of sleep.

I woke up with a startle. Where was I? What time was it?

I felt a weird prickly sensation on the back of my neck, and with that, I was able to discern (partially) where I was. I was in a dimly lit room with a small table and a door. I was just about to wonder how I’d gotten here from the bench when I noticed something: I no longer had my baton and taser. I patted around all over my body, trying to feel for anywhere I might have put them, but quickly gave up. With nowhere else to go, I walked slowly up to the door and opened it. What I saw was.... Interesting, to say the least. I was inside my house.

As I looked around, I heard my wife, Isabelle, making breakfast and calling for me to come down and get it. I turned to look back at the door, and found that the door was now locked behind me. Having no choice but to move forward, I slowly treaded down the stairs, feeling like something was amiss. When I strolled into the kitchen, my wife was nowhere in sight. Weird. The oven was still running and the bacon was easy at the moment. Where could she have gone in such little time? I thought to myself that she probably just went to the bathroom. Suddenly, I felt that prickly sensation on the back of my neck again. I walked outside, hoping that what I needed was fresh air, and that’s when things got strange. There was no one in sight. As I checked every house, no one was around. “They must be in a meeting,” I said to myself. When I walked up to my car, I had a very strange feeling like something wasn’t right. I still didn’t know where my wife was, and I had a terrible feeling that something might have happened to her. I ran back inside to find no sight of Isabelle anywhere.

“Isabelle? Are you there?” I shouted.

No response.

As I walked further into the hallway, however, I heard sobbing coming from the bathroom. I quickly rushed to the door and hollered --

“Isabelle, is everything okay?”

Her response was a simple two words.


Just then, I heard a howl of pain coming from inside of the room, a scream with a pitch that even my wife could not accomplish. I heard a squishing sound, and out came the most stomach-wrenching, putrid, terrible smell I have ever come across.

I kicked down the door and immediately regretted it. Inside of the room was can I even put this...amalgamation of Isabelle. She looked to be in serious pain, and I saw a weird blob stuck on the back of her neck. Her limbs were twisting in ways I’d never believed to be possible, and I could’ve sworn the smile she-er...IT had given me was just a little too wide for a human. Her clothes were seriously torn, and I noticed that there seemed to be...extra limbs growing out of her body in places that shouldn’t be possible. It looked at me, and then let out an ear piercing shriek that rang throughout the entire house. At that, I was finally let free from my fear-induced spell, and I sprinted away, not even looking back. It didn’t take long for the thing to give chase, however, because I could hear the sounds of many feet thumping on the ground towards me at a fast pace. I skidded around the corner of the hallway and burst out of the door with the grace of a swan with vertigo. After picking myself up, I saw the creature standing at the edge of the doorway staring at me unmoving, unblinking, eversmiling. I took a deep breath, and proceeded to slowly back away, hoping that I wouldn’t spark any movement from the multi-limbed beast. After I was certain that it was over, I got up from the ground and rushed over to the town hall, hoping to find some help, someone, ANYONE! When I arrived, I definitely saw everyone there. They were chatting, and then it hit me: It was the annual town brunch that day! As I ran in, though, my heart nearly dropped when I noticed the weird blob thing on the back of all of their necks. One by one, the blob things started to squirm and squelch, while each person didn’t even bat an eye to them. Just then, each person dropped what they were holding, and let out horrifying shrieks as they each transformed into that...that THING that Isabelle turned into! One of them looked at me with that way-too-wide smile, and then lunged at me! I could feel it tearing out my insides as it took one chomp after another! I could see my intestines fall out and then get swallowed like it was just a simple noodle of spaghetti for the beast. Then, it aimed for my face.

I woke up with a start. I was on the bench in front of the museum, and it was still dark out. I checked my watch: 4:50 AM. Did I really sleep that long? Sighing, I got up and opened the door to my car. “What a really wacky dream that was…” I thought to myself.

The next morning, Isabelle allowed me to sleep in, and when I woke up there was breakfast waiting on my bed. After a hearty meal of waffles and eggs, I walked down the stairs and saw Isabelle sitting at the counter eating breakfast just as normal. However, at that moment I was no longer paying attention to that. I was paying attention to the back of her neck. There was a small little blob attached to it. Now that it wasn’t as dark, I managed to get an amazing glimpse of it. It was veinous and flesh-like in color and composure, but it throbbed and oozed a weird tan liquid. Of course, being the sensible person I am, I dashed up to my room, and barricaded the door.

This leads us to where I am now, writing this. I don’t know when they’re going to break through. I hear them pounding on the door right now, and my bed is moving with every time they try to enter. The pain in the back of my neck is...agonizing. However, I won’t let myself die in vain. If anyone is reading this, avoid those who have the blob on the back of their necks! However, no one seems to notice it! No one even acknowledges it! It’s like they just...overlook it. If anyone is reading this, don’t go to Akaterville! In fact, block off the exit so those...things...can’t get anywhere else! However, I’m probably certain those things are already outside of Akaterville. Oh, and if you see a multi-limbed beast with a smile too wide for its face, run for your fucking life. Man, my neck is really hurting...

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