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They Will Pay[]

Chapter I[]

Down in a small town in Iowa, was a 17-year-old girl named Arya. Her home was well, broken. Her father, Peter, was a cruel man who had been a suspect of double murder back in the 90's. Her mother, Martha, was a lazy, selfish, and horrible woman. Arya had a sister named Ebony who was 15 and sad. Arya did her best to protect Ebony from their father. Which in most cases ended up with physical abuse to Ebony. Arya never self-harmed because she wanted to keep herself alive for Ebony. However, Ebony did the suicidal act often, usually after her mother yelled at her for no apparent reason and her brown eyes were filled with tears. This is the story of how poor Arya escaped-and how she became a serial killer.
Arya opened her eyes and saw the morning light shine through the curtains of the window. Ebony was probably hiding somewhere under her bed. She hears her father leave to his horrible construction job downtown. She knew her mother was still in bed, lazing around as always. Anyways, before her father leaves, he busts into her room and leans down to her level.
He makes a smirky face and says, "Make sure you and your pathetic rat of a sister respect your mother because when I come back home, and I see her yelling at you two, you're both getting a good beating!", it surprised her that he's even mentioning her mother like that, they barely ever speak to each other. He yells at her, "Say YES!", and she shakes her head. He demands her to say it after he flicks her on the forehead. "Y-Yes sir...", she says sorrowfully. After the scene, he leaves and slams the door behind him. 
Arya lied back down in her uncomfortable bed as tears filled her beautiful brown eyes. She hears her mother open Ebony's door and say, "Hey, retard, tell your sister I'll be in town with my boyfriend. Behave. You wouldn't want Peter beatin' ya today.", Arya had a sense of relief after they were both gone. Suddenly she sees a pencil move on its own.

Chapter II[]

Arya's heart jumped and she sat back so her back touched the headboard of the bed. The pencil falls on the ground. A gentle laugh fills the air. She feels soft but rough fingers touch her hand. Arya is freaked out and her heart is beating so fast she's breathing like she's having a panic attack. She blinks and the second she does she sees a tall boy with messy black hair covering his eyes. He was wearing a black jacket which looked like you would see a male Japanese high schooler wear. Under, he was wearing a black V-neck. His pants were also black and were a jean material. He seemed to have black boots, as well. This kid was edgy! Arya looked up at him in awe. She blushed hard. He kneeled down to her, and he said, "I'm Damien, I consider myself your guardian angel.",

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