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Toxic Uranium[]

Toxic Uranium (draft)

Living isn't great, that's what I already have learned at young age. I was only a 7 year old, when my life changed. My name's Uranus Muinaru Ingram and this is my story.

I was playing with my younger siblings as my mom went to the mall. Before she left I told her goodbye, but I never knew that it was the last time that I'll see her in my entire life. An hour later, the police arrived at our house and told us that mom was a victim of a shooting in the same mall she went to.

From that day on, my life went downhill. I got diagnosed with MPD (Multi Personality Disorder) & Panic Disorder at the age of 9. But than the worst thing, school. School was horrible, I got bullied and beaten up because of my eye color which is toxic green, a common eye color in my family as male. Even if I told teachers and the principal about me being bullied and beaten up... No One Believed Me!

But high school was different, to my suprise. No one bullied me, which was confusing to me. But I just dismissed it as me being lucky. Sadly, luck wasn't always on my side especially during some classes, but I didn't mind it. Well, I never thought my entire life was going to change when I'm 17 years old. That my life will have a huge turn in it which was going to have a huge effect in me.

It was somewhere in June when it happened. My father was on to get ready to go to work. So I got dressed in a green long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, put my brown boots on and my black jacket. I sneaked quietly out of my room and went to my dad's car and hid inside the trunk. A few minutes later, my dad arrived at his car and began to drive to work.

An hour later, the car stopped and my dad got out and left th car. Then I got out of the trunk and sneaked inside of my dad's workplace. I looked around and felt a smile appearing on my face. Then out of sudden, I tripped over my own feet and fell over the railing of the walkpath. I heard voices yelling and screaming until I ended up landing in an open tank which was filled with liquid Uranium. I fainted the same moment and only saw darkness.

Later, I woke up in the hospital, while being connected to several monitors and with lots of bandages wrapped around my body. I suddenly remembered what had happened and saw my family entering the hospital room I was staying in. I saw my siblings crying, which broke my heart. I could've died and Bianca & Giovanni would've have also lost the older brother. I looked over to my dad, who didn't seem to care about that his oldest son could've died. He seemed so emotionless, which was very strange for him.

It was just 2 days later that I was allowed to leave the hospital and go home. But since then, my father started to neglect and abanon me. He told my siblings to stay away from me and ignored every single word I said to him. It went on for a month, until I was sick of it. I didn't wanted to live inside the same house as my father did, so I decided to run away. I began to pack up everything I owned in a duffle bag and got dressed into a green long-sleeved shirt, blue-greyish jeans and dark deep greenish boots. I put on deep greenish jacket with two radition symbols on the front and right sleeve and black gloves.

I put the duffle bag around my shoulder, walked over to my room window, opened it and jumped out of my room by the window. Since my room was near to a forest which was located a few minutes away from my house, I decided to run into the forest, never to be seen by my family nor the civilians of my home town ever again.

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